Starting a Romantic Restaurant

Setting up a restaurant is difficult but setting up a romantic restaurant requires a lot of hard work and innovation. Almost every couple would like to have a romantic meal once in a while and this is where you can cash into a niche market to make sure that you have a lot of customers almost everyday.

Setting up a romantic restaurant can be tough if you don’t do your homework in advance, here are few things to consider while starting your own romantic restaurant.

Is starting a romantic restaurant easy?

There are several things you should note while setting up a good romantic restaurant. Any professional restaurant owner will tell you that no matter what the menu; atmosphere is what transforms the hotel into a romantic one. Although you could choose an aphrodisiac laden menu to attract customers; the main attraction is the atmosphere and the additional options you have retained to make your restaurant as romantic as possible. A few tips you should follow while setting it up are-

  • Lighting is really essential. Choose a lighting scheme which you can dim to suit a romantic atmosphere. Candle-light dinners don’t really need any more illumination but low mood lighting is really great to soothe diners into a romantic atmosphere!
  • Food should be easy to eat and not messy. Add a few common aphrodisiac meals to the menu with romantic names like pate de foie gras, oysters, caviar, etc to set the mood for a romantic location.
  • Create a soothing atmosphere with period furniture and soothing music. You can get a small minute to play classical music to the attendees as this set the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date at your restaurant.
  • Train waiters to be discreet and non-intrusive into private monuments.
  • Use the finest silverware and the freshest flowers to enhance the seating environment of the atmosphere!
  • If it’s possible, keep a separate seating arrangement where you can get the couples some privacy while still being able to enjoy the music and the atmosphere!
  • Enforce a dress code of formal as this is more likely to set an atmosphere of formality and romance.
  • If you have outside dining areas, then set up a pond with white swans and garden furniture where couples can snuggle. A candlelit walkway is also a good idea for a stroll before dinner. An outdoor fountain is pretty great too.
  • Keep a restaurant’s picture window where you can keep one or two private secluded tables overlooking a serene garden filled with roses and sculptures which couples can indulge and enjoy on a romantic date.
  • Make sure that all wait staff is clean and well trained to deal with situations like anniversaries, proposal situations etc.
  • Give the option for customers to order before hand while reserving tables on the phone and all they have to do when they turn up is relax and enjoy.
  • Use bronze tones to make even the shallowest of complexions shine and glow in the candle light.
  • Use design embellishments to keep the atmosphere like gold, amber and bronze rust colors, diverse furnishings, textured textiles and ceiling designs. Utilize any out door space you have to with French doors covered with luxurious flowing drapes.

Setting an environment!

If it’s possible then create an unusual environment in your restaurant which will have people dying to get in like at the Aureole restaurant at the LA Mandalay Bay to there is a 42-foot tall wine tower. You can sit next to it and "wine angels" waiters will rappel up and down the towers to retrieve the bottles you requested. Nifty idea, right!

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  • Toung Undomrotna said on June 10, 2010
    I want to open the restaurant. I want to know what the law that related to open it? I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. and I want to open the restaurant for the foreigner to eat in my restaurant. all in all my restaurant make the western food. could you tell me what are the law that related and how to write a business plan and how can register in the commercial ministry? thank you before! undomrotna


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