A Guide on Starting a Brazilian Restaurant

Do you want to start your own Brazilian restaurant? This article discusses some useful tools and tips in starting a Brazilian restaurant. It provides a step by step process and guides useful for new restaurateurs.

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses today. People simply love to eat. In every corner of every city or province, one can find a restaurant, which has established patronage among local food lovers. That is why many restaurants are established to cater to a variety of palates.

Most restaurants today cater to the appetite of people, who crave for different international foods. Most common of restaurants feature Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Japanese foods. Though this is the case, a lot of people now are craving for something new. Food lovers are now looking for something tropical and exotic, something Brazilian.

In order to start a Brazilian restaurant, several things must come into mind of a new restaurateur. They are the menu, the restaurant space, compliance with legalities established by law and the staffs to hire.

Deciding What Dishes to Serve

First of all, the restaurateur must consider the dishes he wants to include in the menu. Brazilian cuisines largely vary from each region. This is due to a variety of influences brought about by different ethnic groups living in the country and other foreign influences. It is advisable to include a Brazilian national dish. Feijoada, is one dish, which every Brazilian restaurant must have. It is made of black beans, rice, pork orange dried meat, collard greens, farinha and cachaca.

Brazil has basically 4 main cuisine regions. These are the North, Northeast, South and Southeast. Concentrating a particular region of featuring each requires one to have in mind the availability of supplies. Decide also whether or not to include a bar to serve alcoholic drinks to the customers. All of these require first hand knowledge in the preparation and the taste of each dish or drink.

Finding the Right Restaurant Space

The next thing to do is to find a good restaurant space. A restaurateur must consider how much space he needed. The restaurant must have adequate space, which will combine comfort and convenience. Having a parking space for patrons is also a plus.

One must not also forget to consider the competition. It is advisable to set up a restaurant that will be unique in the area in order to attract more customers looking for something new in the area. It is advisable to hire the services of a real estate broker to help in selecting the suitable space for the restaurant.

In the construction of the restaurant, putting up the right colors and look that will complement the Brazilian theme is very important. An architect and an interior decorator will be a great help in giving expert advice in making the restaurant truly Brazilian.

Settle All the Legalities

Paper works are indeed burdensome but necessary. Inquire about the local rules and regulations and acquire a business permit. Contact also the local health department to know about the requirements and comply with them.

Hiring the Right Staff

Hiring diligent, hardworking and courteous staff is essential to a successful restaurant. Training waiters, busboys and hiring the best chef specializing in Brazilian cuisine is a must.


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