Personal Chef Services

There are a number of reasons why anyone would want to avail of personal chef service. Others seek more traditional routes like gourmet personal chef service and gourmet chef services for event catering. Some, prefer a less constricting route like: personal chef caterer service, personal chef diet service and private cooking lessons.

It definitely sounds ostentatious to claim that you are using a personal chef service, but this kind of service is now readily available to anyone.

Although we often assume that only the wealthy can hire a personal chef, intrepid chefs are bringing their services to numerous scores of clients via personal home services. And when we say personal home service, we do not simply mean a private chef or a personal cook working the oven and the bar in the kitchen – though this service is still pretty much prevalent these days; as with more traditional home chef services like: gourmet personal chef service and gourmet chef services for event catering.

Traditional Home Chef Services

  • Gourmet personal chef service This type of service, also known as the home chef service, has always been a favorite among those who can afford it. Basically, a personal chef creates gourmet meals either for dinner parties or for family meals. A chef usually does this on a full time basis and the more known his or her employer is, the better his or her chances are for fame. A good example of this are those who tenured as White House Executive Chefs.
  • Gourmet chef services for event catering Ah, dinner party catering performed by a celebrated gourmet definitely screams ostentatious, but this kind of service has been going on for ages. Usually, this is done on a per-event agreement and a catering chef can do this as a side-line from a more lucrative and regular paying job.

Other Services

However, the personal chef business has taken a new fork down the road at the advent of the new millennium and there are now other, more specialized forms of chef services being offered now like: personal chef caterer service, personal chef diet service and private cooking lessons.

  • Personal Chef Caterer Service This is actually a booming business there days where anyone can have their claim on personal chefs without actually meeting them. This business can also be called personal chef catering and basically works as a meal delivery service. Clients either go online or call and order from a list of prepared meals (very much like food delivery service) and next thing you know, you have gourmet meals delivered at your doorstep. Naturally, these gourmet prepared meals are way more expensive than calling in for a pizza, but if you are hosting a dinner party that is supposed to impress, this type of service is more than welcome.
  • Personal Chef Diet Service For those seeking a healthier alternative to eating, there are numerous personal chef services dedicated to more specialized types of food: like personal chef for organic meals, personal chef for vegetarian meals and even personal chef for diabetics and those with other heath concerns. A food chef working in these conditions are usually tied to a nutritionists’ (or dieticians’) prepared list of safe-to-serve gourmet food. And as always, these gourmet healthy meals are delivered to an individual’s house several times a day, according to the pre-agreed food plan.
  • Private Chefs for Private Cooking Lessons Although people think that chefs have been giving private lessons for ages, there are now more specialized lessons offered to wannabe chefs and these lessons are usually on a one day pass only. A great example of this would be a pizza chef who would teach you basics of creating a great Italian pizza in the confines of you own home. Depending upon the agreement, he can teach one to ten students at a time, on a 3-4 hour session and on a one day pass only.


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