How to Design a Restaurant

Most people, especially the working ones, depend on restaurants more than eating at their own home. This is a result of their hectic schedule. Eating now in restaurants has been considered as one of the breaks from the busy schedule that they have. Thus, it has become as one of their ways of relaxation, entertainment, and of course, nourishment.

And one of the greatest qualities that these people look into a restaurant is their design.


The design of restaurant must be that which is pleasing and relaxing to the eye of every person, it must not be irritating or overdesigned. Remember that most of the individuals nowadays view dining in a restaurant as their one-stop way entertainment. Thus, basing from the current trends of the food industry, a restaurant’s design must have positive impact to their customers. It must be so appealing that it will be one of the reasons of your business profitability, aside from the quality of your food which is also a major characteristic that people look for in a restaurant. In order for your restaurant to look enticing, here are the elements as well as the current restaurant themes that you should never forget once you are already designing your restaurant.


First element is a sufficient knowledge of your market. You must know your customers, what they want, what rocks to their taste, and what is appealing to them. If you have already a restaurant, have a small chat with your customers and ask for suggestions. Acquiring the feedback from your customer is very important since they are the ones that you are serving and they are the ones who can make your business profit a lot. You can also talk to your competitors, be tactful in this case and be friendly. If you will use your charm, you will definitely get information about what they did about their designs as well as what were the mistakes that they made when they are designing. A market research will also be helpful to you.


Second, you must not only know but you must also observe the trends. Some of the current and most accepted trends by the customers in the industry today are those upscale and yet casual theme, entertainment-focused theme, exhibition in a cooking area visible to the customers, and the neighborhood feel. The upscale and casual theme highlight is that it gives an impression that you are going to have a visit to a new millennium. The entertainment theme can include sports entertainment within the venue or any kind of entertainment that has the capacity to make the customers enjoy their dining in your restaurant.

The third theme is what you usually saw in advertisements in television where a chef does some stunts to impress their customer. Lastly, if you are going to choose the theme of neighborhood theme, the goal in this theme is to make your customers as comfortable as possible, like they are just within their neighborhood. Many pictures of these kinds of restaurant themes can be found in the internet that you can look upon to make your selection.


  • arun kumar said on February 19, 2011
    Restaurants are meant for eating of course, but along with the good food you serve, a customer would be expecting many more. A restaurant should be a place where one can pacify himself/herself. In today's world people need relaxation. The designing of a restaurant mainly depends on the kind of food you are planning to serve. Just identify the type of food planning to serve.
  • NILAN C PATEL said on August 16, 2012
    sir, I am from Rajkot Gujarat, INDIA and I am interested in starting restaurant in my own city, so I request you to guide me in this matter.


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