How to Run a Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is a huge business and a really profitable one if you know what to do.

Running a restaurant business requires you some things so that you can ensure that it will surely make profits.

The restaurant industry is huge and is growing every year because people always come up with new ideas about food and wine. However, there are restaurant businesses that fail. Why is that? Before starting up a restaurant business, you should determine how you are going to start it. What are the things that you need to do? How are you going to run it? There are some things to consider in starting up a restaurant business and you must know them in order to be successful in this industry.

Legal Structure and External Threats

You can choose from 5 different legal structures for your restaurant business. You can be a sole proprietorship, a corporation (S or C) or a Limited Liability Company. Other small businesses like most restaurants choose the LLC structure. For the external threats of a restaurant business, the health benefit problem is the first. Most service industries like restaurants have 61% employees who are covered with health benefits. Most of the hourly-paid restaurants do not have access to the employer-provided health coverage. This is not really very attractive to skilled and talented workers.

Required Technology and Important Performance Metrics

The taste of your restaurant’s dishes will not get you anywhere without outstanding and timely services. The latest and most advance software based system on point-of-sale from Radiant and Micros Systems can aid you to cater every customer that will come to your restaurant. Then for the Performance Metrics, you must ensure to keep an eye on your cash flow. This tracks the actual money flowing in and out of your business. This is very critical in a business.

Startup Costs, Permits, and Sourcing Supply

After you have finished and submitted the proper permit for your business, decide whether you will start from zero or just fix up the existing eatery or restaurant of your choice. For the startup costs, you will need to purchase industrial cooking equipment, ventilation equipment, freezers, refrigerators, bar stools, tables, counters, and shelving with the area for heating, cutting, and cooking. For your business permits, you may have to file organization or incorporation articles depending on your business location. The approval for this is quick. Once this is done, you can be able to get a Federal Tax Identification number. This is when you register your restaurant business with the government. Then for the sourcing of supplies, you will find that finding supplies for liquor and food is very easy. However, sizing them is much harder. Of course, the price is very important but also the safety and quality of your service and products.

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  • Pankaj Gupta said on January 29, 2011
    Hi, I want to open a liquor shop, even i have my own shop on road in east delhi(Delhi-U.P.)Border but that is not commercial space. Please suggest me ,is there any way to use this space by paying some commercial tax to municipal corporation of delhi. Thanks..


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