Restaurant Business Structure

Have you ever wondered why restaurants need to have a certain structure? Well, that is to other than for the checks and balances to be produced in a very organized manner and for the business to prosper.

In this article, you will have the chance to read the different aspects of structuring a restaurant business.

In the structuring process, the businesses are owned by the owners and they will also be the one to decide on all aspects of the business aspects. Now, to take charge of the daily business operations, they hire executive chefs and general managers. To make the business more organized, the front of the house manager is the one who stays on the floor to keep a direct communication with the restaurant’s general manager. When it comes to hiring the shift leaders, it is the primary duty of the house managers because they have the skill to evaluate each candidate well.

How to Manage Restaurant Business Structure?

The number one factor in managing the restaurant business structure is ownership. As aforementioned earlier, it is the prime duty of the local owners to control it. They are the people responsible for making or breaking the restaurant because they are the ones responsible for the major business aspects.

The general manager also has a very important role when it comes to the daily decision making process when it comes to the restaurant operations. In addition, they also have additional roles of money counting, sales accounting, payroll paperwork and scheduling as well. Unlike the other staffs in the restaurant, they are the ones who work the most because they hold the keys.

To make sure that the needs of the customers will be met, the executive chef performs all the general management of the kitchen. Aside from that, he is also the one responsible for reporting the ordering and inventory, managing nightly specials and quality control.

One of the most important staffs in the restaurant business who performs important tasks is the front of the house manager. He is the one who assists both the executive chef and the general manager when it comes to customer relations. In addition, they also perform the following: monitoring the shift leader performance and managing the restaurant and the staffs.

The last staffs that make up the restaurant business structure are the shift leaders. These are the most experienced people assigned in front of the restaurant’s house station. They are chosen for bussing station, bar and host station. Another job description they have is handling small problems that need to be resolved throughout the course of the entire service. To make the work a more organized one, they always need to stay in contact with the restaurant’s floor manager for employee disputes and customer problems as well.

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