How to Set Up Restaurant Kitchen

When planning to open a restaurant, there’s a lot of things to consider if you want your business to be always on top among the others, yet this takes loads of effort and creativity, especially in setting up a restaurant kitchen.

Do you have enough ideas on how to set up restaurant kitchen? Here are the things that you need to learn for your restaurant kitchen.

Is the Restaurant Business is the Right Business for You?

Opening a restaurant is not that easy to imagine if you will take a closer look on the amount of time, money, effort, and patience you need in running this lucrative and profitable business endeavor. Obviously, the main requirement to start a restaurant even on its simplest class is the huge amount of investment, from choosing a location to stocking your restaurant kitchen.

If you think that you can afford all the expenses in running the business then we can’t see any problem on this part. However, every restaurant needs a kitchen where the chef and his staffs can perform the kitchen works and preparation of the meals of your customers. The restaurant kitchen should also be large enough to accommodate all the kitchen tools and equipment to make sure that everything will be on the right place. In relation to this, here are things you should know and the important checklist in setting up a restaurant kitchen.

Outfitting the Restaurant Kitchen

The first stage in setting up a restaurant kitchen is preparing the tools and equipment. Bear in mind that the set of equipment in a restaurant kitchen are different from those we ordinarily seen on regular kitchen households. Here is a sort of list you need for the kitchen:

The Needed Equipment

  • Gas range (6-burner if possible)
  • Flat Top Grille
  • Commercial Hood (for ventilation)
  • Stove Warming Shelf
  • Commercial Refrigerator
  • Walk in Cooler
  • Preparation Table (stainless steel)
  • Rubber Floor Mats

The above set of equipment is the basic for an ideal restaurant kitchen. Aside from this equipment, your chef and his staff also need kitchen tools and paraphernalia in performing the tasks in the preparation of the menus. These include sauce pans, baking pans, baking sheets, spatulas, steam table, salad plates, stock/soup pots, entrée plates, whisks, pizza screens, dessert plates, tongs, pasta bowls, ladles, metal or plastic shelves for walk-in cooler, plastic inserts for coolers, pizza paddle, appetizer plates, chef’s knives, hand soap/ sanitizer dispenser, mixing bowls, cleaning rags, and safety equipment like fire extinguisher.

Helpful Tips in Setting up a Restaurant Kitchen

Once you already have the required equipment and kitchen paraphernalia, setting up your restaurant kitchen will now be easy. However, choosing the right materials should also be considered. For the stock or soup pots, expert chefs suggest that it should be cast aluminum finished. The reason for this is that the material can maintain excellent heat even not using high burning setting and it is also easy to clean. For the cooking utensils, it is also advisable to be made of metal instead of wood.


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    Calabar cross river state Nigeria. Please I need a detail advice on staff if either to employ them on contract or fully. or is it better to let them run the business but pay me monthly for proving all the necessary items except the except the food stuffs.
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    Lagos, Nigeria. I intend to set up a restaurant business, and I want your advice and to know if it is profitable.
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