How to Sue a Restaurant

Have you encountered a problem with a restaurant lately due to poor service and you’re planning to file a legal action but you don’t know yet how to sue a restaurant?

Suing a restaurant is not that easy but if you know what to do in case there’s something wrong with their service then follow our advice on how to sue a restaurant legally.

Why Suing a Restaurant is not that Easy?

Have you recently had eaten in a restaurant and you have found out that there’s something in the food that caused trouble in your stomach? There are some cases wherein we encountered such problems in dealing to a restaurant and the worst part is that the damages are too much to ignore in our part. If you think that the malpractice in the service of the restaurant is already life-threatening and it causes you to admit in a hospital then you can definitely sue the restaurant for legal actions.

However, suing a restaurant is not that easy to do unless you have very strong evidence that their acts have causes a big hassle on your part as their customer. Filing a complaint also undergoes a lot of process and can consume a lot of time before you can get the outcome of the case. It can also be expensive on your part as you need to hire a lawyer to defend you for the case. Nevertheless, if you are pretty much sure that you will win the case then let us give you some pointers on how to sue a restaurant with all means.

Filing for a Suit

Before you sue a restaurant due to business malpractice, there are several things you should consider to make your case strong enough to file in the small claims court. According to the experts, filing a complaint against a restaurant should present strong evidences to prove the guilt of the latter. You should also prove to the court that the restaurant have causes severe damages on your part when you ate the food that they have served for you. Gathering enough evidences is the first step in filing a complaint against the restaurant. If there are available witnesses to support your allegation then they can also be presented to the court to make your case even stronger.

Once you have enough evidences and witnesses, you’re next step is hiring an attorney and explain to him everything about your plan of filing a complaint against the restaurant. Your attorney will assess if there’s enough reason to pursue the case to the small claims court and he can prepare the demand letter which is normally required by the court. After you have filled out the demand letter and once presented to the court, it will be served also to the owner of the restaurant to let them know that you have filed a complaint against them. You should be ready with all your evidences and witnesses and attend the court hearings set by the court. The success of your case will depend on how strong the evidences are and let the court decide for it.


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  • willy said on September 11, 2014
    i'm from south africa pretoria in sunnyside i was physically attacked by a waiter at a restaurant in full view of the fellow customer to which the manager apologized after realizing that i have called the police and i wanted the owner's number to come
  • Madison kanupke said on June 25, 2015
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    my girlfriend works at wendy's i do not work at wendy's but when they close at night they call me in there to work for free. i have to do dishes clean tables make chilli. what should i do? how can i find someone to help me
  • Fatima said on January 22, 2016
    In la fiesta taqueria I ordered on the phone a burrito and 2 minutes later I called so cancel the order I hung up the phone and they sended me a message saying bad words and telling me to go get them but I had to pay what should I do ? In the first place why would they text me should I sue them for doing that someone help me
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    Enid Ok 73701 hair cooked into food almost eaten by my four year old


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