How Restaurant Kitchens Work

A restaurant’s most essential area is the kitchen. This is the heart of the whole restaurant. If you want your restaurant kitchen to be functioning well, it should have the best staff and energetic people so that it would function well.

Here are some tips on how to run your restaurant kitchen.

Team Effort

When you are running your kitchen, view it as a haven for team effort. To do this, try to hire as much as possible the skilled and best people that are capable to work properly in the kitchen and has the ability to coordinate well with the head cook. The kitchen is the place where the best food your restaurant can offer is being prepared. That is why, it is important that the people inside it are those who know how to work with one another and those who are trained well to give the best work.


When you are cooking or preparing food, you have to be focused on your job. That is why, when you are running your kitchen you have to be focused. Your kitchen staff should also be focused. You will never attain a good tasting food if you are not going to focus on the job. Being the kitchen manager, you should always remind the staff on their jobs and you should always tell them to keep an eye on the food that they prepare and always make it to a point that the orders being made are prepared on time so that the customers won’t be complaining about the long minutes of waiting.

Menu Responsibilities

You are the kitchen manager not the chef. So be reminded that you are the person who is responsible for the proper management inside the kitchen. Give the job of taking care of the menu to the head chef or cook. It is their job to take care of the food that will be available on the menu for the day. There are restaurants who offer different kinds or sets of menu every day. Being the kitchen manager, it is no longer your job to decide what food to include in the menu. Most of the time, it is the owner of the restaurant and the head chef who decides what food to include in the menu for the day. What you have to do is to see to it that the food that is included in the menu are cooked well and on time and make sure that the orders are served on time.


When you are looking for kitchen staff, whether you are the manager or the owner, make sure that the head chef or the sous chef is a member of the hiring of the staff. They are the people who should be in front in hiring the staff since they are the ones who will be dealing with these applicants. Be reminded that the staff that should be well trained.


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