Starting a German Restaurant

Has it always been your dream to start your very own German restaurant business? Are you still deciding on what kind of restaurant you want to open? Are you having second thoughts starting your own business?

If you are then here are a few guidelines that you can consider to help you decide in starting your own German restaurant business.

One of the ways that have been found to effectively break into the restaurant industry is to offer more specific type of cuisine that caters to a specific group of taste buds. Be they focused on regional tastes or different country food preferences, offering a more detailed menu plan have proven to be an effective way to bring in the customers. This is especially true if the restaurant owner can provide not only the taste but also the ambiance to go with it.

Serving the Appropriate German Food in your German Restaurant

The first step in opening a German restaurant is to create a business plan that details exactly what you want to achieve and the process to achieve it. Such plan must contain a concrete monthly forecast of costs, expenses and profits as well as the specific goals that you want to achieve. It is also important to look not only into the financial aspect of the business but also the more substantive part that may make or break your business. First, you have to decide on what menu you are going to provide. Will it be purely native German food or would you also serve other types of dishes? Why not try offering a hybrid of both German and American food? You may also choose to have specialty dishes per day so as to entice more customers. For those customers that are not familiar with German food, that necessarily has a German name, it would be good idea to provide a short description of the dish and the ingredients and tastes that goes with it. One may also choose to sell native German ingredients to your customers or maybe have some German performers as a special feature every week.

Creating the Perfect German Restaurant Atmosphere

Maybe as important as the food is the ambiance and environment that your restaurant will provide. If it is a German restaurant, every customer would greatly appreciate if you could create an atmosphere that would make them feel like they truly are in Germany. Why not provide traditional German apparel for the service crew to wear. You may also use German music as well as any decor that can create a cozy, German atmosphere.

Finding the appropriate place to situate your German restaurant is also an important factor to consider. One should look into the population of German tourists and immigrants in the area that one plans to start the German restaurant business. Why not conduct a survey to see how the residents of that area would respond to a German restaurant and what services or dishes they would want to enjoy.


  • Karin Jonker said on April 18, 2010
    is there a way you can tell me a good place to start it???
  • Tim Copeland said on August 17, 2010
    I'm interested in opening a german restaurant in Nashville, TN U.S.A. any helpful ideas you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim Copeland
  • Ahmed said on September 1, 2010
    @Karin Jonker: I am from Maldives. My country is a one of famous of tourist destination. and I can help you to start German Restaurant here in Maldives. thank you. My Email is My Mobile number is +9607500629.
  • shirley nagel said on May 30, 2011
    I am a German cook and need funding to start a German Restaurant in Sioux Falls SD
  • Qi Zhang said on July 7, 2012
    I need a advisor of opening a new restaurant in German. I'm from China, and would like to open a snack restaurant. ( In China, snacks are very delicious and can be eaten instead of main dishes. For example: Chinese dumpling. My restaurant would be very traditional tasty. They are much more delicious than these which already existed in German. I'm going to take this concept into German) But I need information of rent a house, food material source, and opening procedure.
  • Kerstin said on January 13, 2016
    I want to start a German restaurant in port st. Lucie FL can you get me some tips how to start.


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