Starting a Kosher Restaurant

Starting a kosher restaurant is unlike any other kind of business. You need to be able to understand about the Jewish religion and tradition in order to get certified.

Although you can apply the basics of business when it comes to this venture, you will need to take an extra effort when it comes to opening a kosher restaurant.

Kosher restaurants are becoming popular because of the fact that a lot people wants to taste something extraordinary. A kosher restaurant serves foods that are prepared under the Jewish diet laws and guidelines. Actually aside from restaurants, there are other kosher businesses like bakeries, cafes, diners, and similar places. The main distinct feature of this kosher restaurant is that it is guided under a rabbinical supervision that imposes rules that must be observed. The most common food in kosher restaurants is Middle Eastern cuisine. Starting a kosher restaurant maybe a daunting task especially if you are not Jewish but it could be a fun and exciting venture. Your target markets are Jews that observe strict diet and following the rules of Kashrut. This law certainly restricts the food to be eaten and its preparation. Another market that you can tap is those people who want to have a healthier option when it comes to their food.

Checking out competition

With any kind of business, checking out your competition is one of the things you need to consider. It is worthwhile to take time and survey your area. While checking out your competition, you might want to make friends with someone who is in this kind of business. It would be good if you learn some information regarding running this kind of restaurant. You might want to talk to a kosher restaurant owner and they might be willing to share something with you. Sometimes if you are lucky, you might get information regarding secrets of the trade.

While checking out your competition, you may encounter that idea of getting a franchise of a kosher restaurant. Of course this is much easier than starting your own restaurant. This can definitely help you in everything because all you have to do is put out a capital then the rest will follow.

Knowing about Jewish Tradition

If you are venturing in starting a kosher restaurant, the ultimate thing that you should need is having knowledge about Jewish tradition and kosher guidelines. Take note that you don’t have to be a Jewish in order to become successful. The edge that you have with this kind of business is the fact that kosher food is healthier and better option. People nowadays are opting for this kind of food. Aside from restaurant, you may also want to sell kosher products from marinades, snacks, oil and among others.

Getting licenses and proper certificates

One of the major challenges that you need to face is undergoing the process of getting certificate. It is not just about getting ingredients that are fresh and keeping your restaurant clean and sanitized. You need to be able to understand the whole Jewish tradition and religion. It is not just for the sake of understanding it but you need to be kosher certified. In order to get this you need to go to kosher certification organization that is usually run by rabbinical councils. Be prepared as this can be very challenging but worth it as you can really gain profit from this kind of restaurant.


  • moshe gazit said on December 28, 2009
    i want to start a kosher restaurant in Peabody, ma, usa. i need some help in starting this restaurant.
  • Bogdan Voinea said on December 22, 2010
    I want to start a kosher restaurant in Portland Maine .I need help
  • ruth said on January 17, 2011
    Responding to Moshe Gazit. I want to do the same. But more of a cafe in Michigan. I am wondering if you ever heard from people in your area that can have good help and or advice for you? I would be willing to try to communicate with you if you still are trying to open your kosher restaurant. It takes a few prayers to know what to do, Shalom, ruth.
  • liwen ou said on August 27, 2011 are you ... i'm chinese ..i was working kosher restaurant 4 years in brooklyn. i'm trying to do kosher foods business ... but i'm chinese jews ...can i open kosher restaurant ? cause someone told me should have jews owner let me know thanks.....
  • Wenting Ni said on September 28, 2016
    Hi, I also would like to start a Kosher Chinese restaurant, any information and advise would be appreciate!!


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