Buying a Restaurant

If you are buying a restaurant, you will have to find out about the advantages and disadvantages. These things are very important considerations to ensure the success of your new business. With the right business opportunity, you can instantly have a restaurant that will allow you to earn money after purchase.

Do your homework and create a business plan.

Advantages of Buying a Restaurant

Not all businesspersons want to start a business from scratch. A great option would be to buy an existing business. If you want to manage your own restaurant, you can buy a restaurant. Starting out from scratch will involve a lot of planning and research. You will be the one to choose the location, buy the needed equipment, furniture, fixtures, get license, permits, and attract customers. However, if you purchase an existing restaurant, you don’t have to worry about these things because all you have to do is pay for the restaurant.

What are the advantages of buying a restaurant? Well, the greatest advantage is quite obvious – you will exert less effort and time. Oftentimes, you can talk with the previous owner to retain the staff or employees of the restaurant so that you will no longer train them. Ask for the sales records so that you can calculate or do some projections. Since the restaurant already has an existing customer base, you have a chance to succeed. There are also lesser risks involved. At times, the previous owner can sell the restaurant for less especially if he or she is already stressed out or is in a hurry to sell the business. Once you take over the restaurant, you can already get the needed cash flow.

Disadvantages of Buying a Restaurant

If there are advantages, there are disadvantages of buying restaurant. You will have to find out why the seller wants to sell the restaurant. Some of the reasons can include bad equipment, lease, incompetent staff, road work, inaccurate bookkeeping, and many others. Evaluate the reason because this can also affect your future operations. If the reason is incompetent staff, then you don’t need to retain the current staffs. It would be best to train new employees rather than absorb the old employees and encounter problems in the future. Don’t forget to check the reputation of the business because if it’s bad, you may need to exert extra effort in improving its reputation.

Before you make the final decision, try to ask for a copy of the financials of the restaurant in the last 5 years. Check for tax liabilities and all other records that affect the flow of the business. Managing a restaurant can be hard especially if you’re inexperienced but with the right knowledge, you can pull it off. Learn everything you can about restaurant management and buy the perfect restaurant that can meet your needs. Success is just around the corner and a business plan can guide you as well. f

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  • Lai Hwee Mooi said on June 7, 2010
    Hi all, I actually think to start up a business for my parent, as my parent is currently renting small stall to sell curry mee & soup .. and the other side i know somebody to produce on sousop which can make in to sousop juice or ice blended. I am thinking to startup it buy renting the whole shop lot and making half of it as the restaurant, the other half behind would be the kitchen and the place to produce soursop. Then, as for the curry laksa will as our main food and we will as well add in some junk food like: fried chicken wing, fried french fries, chun juan, and so on... Then, for drink wise, we will use sousop as main to design a few drinks which related to soursop. By the other hand, we still on going to supply the soursop to other restaurant like previous we are supplying. Can you please provide me the related information reference including the license involve and any other like ISO requirement to be apply. Thank you.


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