Starting a Greek Food Restaurant

Interested in opening a Greek food restaurant? Already made that loan but don’t know where to invest? Having doubts if a culture based food center is really for you? If you are then you have come to the right place.

We give you a compilation of the expert’s take in starting a Greek food restaurant.

Embarking into a restaurant business is risky regardless of whatever cuisine you choose to serve. Starting a culture based cuisine is even riskier as the owner must find consumers who are willing to sample dishes that may be considered foreign. That being said, once a culture based restaurant, like a Greek food restaurant, has been established and the consumers responded positively, profits would surely be coming in. At present there are various established restaurants and franchises that specialize on Greek food. People all over the world love it. And now it is time for you to offer your own unique style of cooking Greek cuisine.

Embracing the Greek Theme in Starting that Greek Food Restaurant

Since you have decided to serve Greek cuisine it is good idea to emphasize your identity as a Greek food restaurant. Embrace that theme and tailor your restaurant to it. Design your Greek food restaurant in such a way as to make the customers think that they are in fact in Greece. Build a menu that offers authentic Greek dishes. But remember to serve dishes that cater to wider taste buds. Try having house specialties. Create a competitive advantage over other restaurants. Capitalize on your food’s quality, identity and uniqueness. Hire employees that are motivated, with a good marketing attitude. Don’t be afraid to try aggressive and progressive service options. Have specialties every day if possible, like food served during a particular Greek festival. Have Greek village nights and may be dance nights showcasing Greek music. You want your customers to think that your Greek food restaurant serves not only the best quality of delicious Greek food but also provide a fun environment to be in.

Setting Objectives in a Greek Food Restaurant Business

Since a Greek food restaurant business is risky, you have to create an objective that your restaurant must achieve. In this way you will know if your business is doing well. Such objectives may be to get a market share of consumers in the restaurant business, have a food cost lower than 35% of the revenue, have labor cost of only 16% to 18% of revenue or build a good reputation for your Greek food restaurant. To get a fair market share of restaurant food consumer’s you may want to choose a target market. You can choose either to target families interested in tasting Greek dishes and watching your Greek shows, or to companies and their employees. Providing special discounts for families and companies that frequent your Greek food restaurant can be a good way to maintain your market share of consumers. Building your niche in the restaurant business is not going to be easy. But with proper strategy and good quality Greek food and entertainment, breaking into that restaurant business can’t be that hard.


  • Angelo said on February 4, 2013
    I like to open a Greek restaurant in New MIlford CT.
  • Rima said on March 27, 2014
    how can i start my greek food store in Doha, Qatar
  • Nima said on June 21, 2016
    How much percent is food cost for a Greek restaurant. I mean if for instance a food is $10 how much we pay for prepare the food only for ingredients? Vancouver, BC. Canada.


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