Starting a General Rental Center

A general rental center provides rental services to almost all types of occasions. It can operate nation-wide or just in a local state.

In starting a general rental center, the most important factor that one should consider is the capital or the budget.

Since general rental center provides almost all types of rental services, the owner must purchase a wide variety of equipments. These equipments can be of any type such as machineries for carpentry, trucks, cars, party needs, and many more.

Budget will determine whether you will be able to afford to start your general rental center. This type of business requires an average of $40,000 to be able to start.

You can also consider franchising. There are several companies that offer individual to start their very own general rental center franchise. But these companies require an individual to have a net worth of at least $40,000 and liquid capital of $45,000. This is to ensure that the individual who wishes to start his general rental center will be able to afford the business.

In cases that you do not have the required budget or capital, you can always loan money from credit companies. There are several organizations that provide financial aids to entrepreneurs. But since you are just starting, make sure that the amount of your loan will not exceed the amount that you are capable of paying because you do not like to end up being in debt.

Insurance is also a thing to consider in starting a general rental center, since you own a lot of equipments; it is advisable to purchase an insurance policy. The insurance policy should cover the safety of your equipments. Shop around for insurance companies that provide this type of insurance policy. Compare and decide on which insurance company offers the best insurance policy.

Another thing to consider in starting your general rental center is the place where you will put your equipments. Make sure that the place has enough space for all your equipments and ensure that they are safe.

Several legalities are needed to be secured first before you will be able to operate your general rental center. One of which is business permit. You can ask assistance from a lawyer in arranging the required paper works for your business. Alternatively, you can go directly to your local county office and ask about the required documents that needed to be secured in order to start your own general rental center.

Once you already secured all the necessary documents and started the operation of your business, gaining clients should be your next concern. It is not easy to gain that much clients since you are just starting. But do not let this reason to keep you from gaining clients. Provide satisfaction to your clients to make sure that they will like your service. In this way, you do not need to advertise that much because your clients will be the one advertising for you through word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement because it doesn’t require the owner to advertise for his business himself and it is free.


  • stephen odukoya said on August 18, 2010
    want a business plan / feasibility of rental business (chairs, Tables, canopies etc) events
  • Nichole Swinson said on August 25, 2010
    Montgomery County, MD Seeking help of information of event rental business opportunity
  • michael thayer said on January 1, 2013
    oceanside ca, i'm inquiring about opening a small tool rental center. what is it i have to do!!


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