Start a Steam Cleaner Rental Business

Would people invest on cleaning machines that cost thousands and are only needed less than twice a year? No, chances are they’d probably rent one.

If you are business minded, a cleaner rental shop is a business you can start from home or online. Find out how from our basic guide.

Anyone who ever owned a carpet knows that a carpet – with stain or not -- needs periodic cleaning. The carpet cleaning frequency will depend on how often is it being used, of course. A big household that holds parties often or an office that is frequented by many customers or visitors will logically need more carpet cleaning than a home or office that sees lesser number of feet. When carpet cleaning time comes, homeowners have the choice of calling the local carpet cleaning shop or doing it themselves. Doing the dusting, stain removing and sanitizing carpets could sound very convenient. However, first consideration people should think before stating the cleaning is whether they have the machine to do it.

A carpet cleaning machine could cost thousands of dollars. If it won’t be used at least five times a year, it would certainly be illogical for anyone to allow his money to sit idle on an equipment that just gathers shop somewhere in the house. That is why many opt to rent carpet cleaning equipment from the supermarket or home center. If you have experience in these machines – perhaps as an operator in a carpet cleaning business or as a dealer of cleaners – this is a business you can start.

As a carpet cleaning business, one niche you can focus on is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is considered superior to other kinds of carpet cleaning in that it does not use chemicals or detergents to remove stain and smell, or to sanitize surfaces and fabric. It simply uses water that is heated by a boiler. And since the temperature in steam cleaning is high (beyond 200°C), it kills bacteria, molds, and insects effectively. In addition, it does not get the items being cleaned wet, ruling out the possibility of molds growing on it.

In order to start a steam cleaner rental business, you must:

  • First, of course, find enough financing at least to buy the equipment.
  • Start marketing as soon as you can by posting your rental business online, sending e-mails, distributing flyers and putting up signages.
  • Find a place to store your cleaning equipment. It doesn’t mean you have to have a storefront to start this business. You can start this business online or at home.
  • Find a manufacturer from which you can buy brand new steam cleaning equipment or secondhand stores from which you can buy used machine.
  • Continue marketing while manning the daily operations of the business.
  • Be certified by the IICRC


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