Start a Breast Pump Rental Business

A breast pump is a tool that helps mothers in extracting breast milk. There a several reasons on why you should start a breast pump rental business.

One is the large number of mothers who actually prefer to give their babies breast milk instead of other forms of milks.

Another is number of mothers who actually are away from their babies most if the time and still want to feed their babies with their breast milk.

Before even starting a breast pump rental business, you should first study the different types of breast pumps so that you will be able to recommend to your customers what type of breast pump they must use. The following are the types of breast pumps:

Manual Pumps – the least expensive among other types. This is suitable for mothers who only pump occasionally.

Battery-operated pumps – slightly more expensive than manual pumps and provides almost the same functionality.

Mini-electric pumps – comes in either single or double electric pumps. This varies in performance and comfort.

Dual-electric pumps – this type of breast pump has a good motor that provides an efficient suction thus giving the mother good comfort. This can also extract from both breasts at the same time. Since it extracts from both breasts at the same time, the mother will be able to save more time in using this type than using the types above.

Hospital grade pumps – this type of breast pump is usually rented by physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals because of its larger industrial motor that enables the maintenance and stimulation of the mother’s breast milk supply.

Once you have studied the different types of breast pumps, you will be able to recommend to your client which breast pump will best suit their needs.

Another thing to consider in starting a breast pump rental business is the cleanliness of your tools. You should be able to maintain their sanitation. Always remember that these tools are being used by different people, and to make sure that your tools are always clean and free from bacterial organisms, always sterilized them or if sterilization is not possible, consider other ways on how to maintain your tools’ cleanliness.

The quality of your breast pumps should also be considered to ensure the satisfaction of your clients. The company where you purchase your breast pumps should be able to provide you a good warranty that encompasses the repair of the breast pumps in the event that they malfunction. And also the warranty should cover the replacement of the breast pumps in cases of defects.

And if possible, you should also seek advice from people who also deal with the same type of business. They should be able to tell you the dos and don’ts in operating a breast pump rental business.


  • Jennifer said on August 17, 2012
    Playing devils' advocate why would someone rent a breast pump instead of buy one, if they know they will use it more than once, if they are going to have multiple children?
  • Katherine said on January 5, 2013
    There is a distinct difference between Hosp grade pump technology and personal pump technology. If a mom is having to pump early and/or exclusively for any medical reasons like a child in NICU or PICU they need a Hosp grade. Personal pumps are good for occasional to daily use for moms who are separated only for a period of time and have established supply. Also, a lot of moms never need a pump again once their baby is out of Hospital.


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