Popcorn Machine Rental Business

If you want to start a popcorn machine rental business, you will have to create a detailed business plan. Find a great location for the business and secure a business license.

Purchase the needed equipments and machines. Decide on the pricing or the rental charges to earn great profits. Good luck.

Popcorn Machine Rental Store

There are many business opportunities that you can try out these days and one is a popcorn machine rental business. The machines come in various designs and construction and you can offer them to customers. With this kind of business, you will need to create a business plan. You need a hefty startup capital since you will be purchasing several machines, lease out business space, and buy other store essentials. Start by conducting a thorough market study to identify is there is adequate demand.

After you’ve created a business plan, you can now lease out business space. Pick one that is located near party shops and event planners. That way, you can easily attract walk-in customers. Make the store interesting by posting signs outside. You can also display the popcorn machines in the store so that customers can choose the right one that can meet their needs. Decide on the name of the business and apply for a license. You can submit the required documents at the concerned government agency in your country or state. Pay the licensing fees and hire 1-2 staffs to help you out with the day to day tasks of the business.

Machines to Offer

You can offer various kinds of machines with different dimensions. Among the popcorn machines that you can purchase are the following:

  • Sturdy machine with a heat lamp, heated cabinet, scoop, and removable wheels
  • Large-wheeled popcorn cart with a popper, warmer, and open back storage
  • Popcorn warmer – this is ideal for customers who prefers a machine that will hold pre-popped popcorns and no longer do the popping themselves

Stick with quality machines that can last for many years. Decide on the rental charges. You can charge per day. For weekend rentals or during holidays, you can charge a higher fee. Determine the prevailing rental charges in your place. You can charge $35 to $45 depending on the model of the machine rented by the customer. You can add $5 for rentals over the weekend.

Once you’ve decided on the charges or fees, you can now focus on the promotions of the business. You can send out flyers and business cards in your local areas. You can also go around nearby neighborhood to promote the business. Make sure that you have a brochure that can provide details and photos of the popcorn machines. This is your chance to earn a decent income. Establish a rental policy and contract. Your customers should sign a written contract to ensure your investment.


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