How to Open an Iridium Rental Store

Do you want to stay connected to your work or loved ones when you travel around? Most people would love that too. That’s why they usually rent a satellite phone that features clear voice quality, robust reliability, reasonable per minute rates, data capability, and must-have accessories.

You can study about starting an Iridium Rental Store here.

Iridium satellite phones came from Iridium Corporation. They made the claim that they’re the only satellite phone provider that gives global coverage – this even includes airways, oceans, and polar regions. In short, their phones are capable of delivering communications in remote areas worldwide, making them the top choice for people in various industries such as rescue, transportation, heavy equipment, forestry, mining, emergency, military, geology surveying, oil exploration, aviation , and maritime.

Iridium Rental Store Plan

Iridium phones are also excellent for people who want to get connected even during vacation in a remote place. As such, opening an Iridium Rental Store truly makes sense. The cost of these phones range from several hundreds up to several thousands, so not everyone can afford to buy one. And since they only use it for a short period of time, it would make sense for them to rent instead of buy.

Definitely, different rental stores have different rates for the clients. Conduct some rate comparison and internet analysis in order to find the typical rental costs nowadays. Also, make sure that you offer a daily, weekly, and monthly rate in your Iridium Rental Store.

Iridium Rental Store Guide

Iridium phones are extremely rugged and they don’t have the geographical limits of a regular cell phone. There are generally two famous types of Iridium phones:

  • Model 9505a – this phone weighs 13.2 ounces and measures 158mm x 62mm x 59mm. The battery allows 3.2 hours of talk time and can easily function in temperatures ranging from negative 10 Celsius up to 55 Celsius.
  • Model 9555 – this is the newest lineup in Iridium phones with more features than the previous model. It weighs just 9.4 ounces and has smaller dimensions measuring 143mm x 55mm x 30mm. Standby time is about 30 hours, and talk time has been upgrade to 4 hours. Email options are available within it, plus an address book that contains 100 entries. What’s more, it has the ability to illuminate its window and display 200 characters on one screen.

When renting out Iridium phones, you need to make sure that it has long battery life and extra features such as text messaging and voice mail. In addition, you should be able to rent out other accessories such as the solar-powered battery charger to make sure that your customers are charged up and always ready to go.


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