How to Start Cell Phone Repair Business

If you want to start a cell phone repair business, you will need to develop a business plan. You can do this on your own or you can consult a professional.

The plan will already cover the various aspects of the business like marketing, management, and financials. Enroll in a course to learn the different skills in repairing cell phones.

Cell Phone Repair Business Plan

Cell phones are in-demand these days. Using this fact, starting a cell phone repair business can be a very rewarding venture. If you have the passion for these devices, you can undergo a training to learn the skills on how to repair various brands and models of cell phones. By seeking professional help, you will know what to do once you decide to start a repair business of your own. Every successful business starts with a plan. Create a business plan so that you will know the step by step procedure in establishing a business.

You can develop your own business plan or you can seek help from the professionals. This plan will already contain the summary of your business, the marketing and management plans, and the financial projections. The plan will help you in determining if such venture will be a success. To develop your skills, you will need to enroll in a course that is exclusively about cell phone repair. Once completed, you can now secure a license or business permit. If you want to earn more money, it would be best to find a location for your business in a high traffic area like shopping plaza, centers, or malls.

Equipment, Logo, Advertising, etc

Once you’ve picked an ideal location, you will now get some equipment and furniture. You will need to purchase office supplies, computer, tools, cleaners, lamps, and other essentials. The course you’ve just finished will help you in determining the needed tools to repair cell phones. In order to put your business plan to action, you will need to analyze each section so that you can use the appropriate strategies that will eventually increase your sales. Your business should have a logo for easy recognition and among the marketing materials that you can use are signage, business cards, and brochures. You can also promote your business in your neighborhood by giving out flyers.

Learn the accounting basics so that you can keep track of the business financials. If you want, you can also hire an accountant. Every month, you will need to estimate the costs and the revenues you’ve earned. All the cell phones you’ve repaired need to be included in the inventory. Since you will be incurring taxes, make sure that you pay for them on time. Learning should not stop in the course you’ve taken up but you still need to attend new trainings to learn more about the new trends in the industry. Try to think about cost effective measure to maximize profits.


  • hazel r. panugalinog said on May 4, 2010
    i need help, i want to make a signage for cellphone shop repair, download etc....
  • c.Gordon said on May 6, 2010
    i am interested in starting a business of my own. I have office space already. now i'm interested in turning the space into a cell repair store. Please send info about the price and how to get started
  • shawn white said on January 12, 2011
    i am shawn fr brooklyn newyork i am really interested in starting my own cellphone repair business honestly i am present repairing labtops and all major band of cell phone but i realize i need more training so can please give me the price and how to get started.please please.god best you.
  • Anthony said on January 4, 2012
    Oslo, Norway, Grunland. I need to identify the equipment to buy and also improve in skills.
  • Tangeisheni said on February 17, 2012
    I want to open a business shop for repairing cellphones and at the other hand also a business to cut natural stones into tiles. Namibia, Keetmanshoop, postal Address: Box 143 Keetmanshoop Namibia 9000. Windhoek
  • Miroslav said on April 20, 2012
    I seek a partner to open a Smart phone repair shop. I have knowledge and excellent supply for spare parts. I can do all iPhones, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia & Sony Ericsson, and not only simple repairs, and can do on board and BGA repair etc. If anyone is interested to cooperate let contact me. Also if somebody need training or any help also can contact me at i am 8 years in this business.
  • endriss said on May 7, 2012
    i need a business plan for Cell Phone Repair Business Plan can u help me
  • bernard said on May 25, 2012
    I'm located in Brooklyn NY I'm very handy and have strong diagnostic skills and my heart is really pressuring me to open a cell phone repair shop the problem is that in my neighborhood there is a lot of competition in this field but i still want to go ahead. Please advise me how to go about it and what can i do to succeed. thanks
  • Mohsen said on August 18, 2012
    Toronto, Canada. Please send me some financial information for a business plan.
  • kevin brown said on September 26, 2012
    cayman island i want to start a cell phone repair shop
  • Gato said on November 6, 2012
    Hi i am from S africa and are in need of a business plan for a cellphone accessories and repair shop.
  • Syed said on November 21, 2012
    Hello, I live in New York City and have recently completed my cell phone technician training. Now I wanted to start my own cell phone repair business in New York and Long Island. I was told that I've to get a license from the Department of Consumer Affairs New York. I checked the website of Department of Consumer Affairs to get a new license but couldn't find anything matching for cell phone repair license. If someone from New York has already obtained this license from the Department of Consumer Affairs please guide me how to get it and what is the requirement. Thank you, Syed
  • Twizerimana alexis said on December 2, 2012
    Hi! G am interested for your help, i am in rwanda country, i have a plan of starting a cell phones repair as my own business, but i don't know the tool or instrument can i use so may you tell me in order to be a professional? Thanks
  • Levi said on December 23, 2012
    I would like to start a cellphone repairs in S.A. and I need a breakdown of all equipment I'll need to start my business. Is it good to get investors involved. Can you kindly send me a business plan and formal business proposal template. Thank you in advance.
  • robert rooy said on February 9, 2013
    i would like to start a cellphone repairs in south africa and want know how much, capital i need for training and equipment. Thanks in advance
  • victor said on February 18, 2013
    sir, I am going to start own business for cell phone repair . pls send me cell phone hand tool kit, cell phone repair manual, spare parts and price of tool kits in indian money. thanking you.
  • sugumar said on March 6, 2013
    I am working as mobile repair person . what are equipment used to make service better for nowaday. and i want to improve my service according to the new equipments . Please send me the equipment price and how are the usages from that product. through Indian money. thanking you.
  • lalit shah said on March 13, 2013
    Dear sir, i am going to start won business for cell phone repair ahmedabad india. send me cell phone hand tools kit, cell phone manual spare part and price kits in indian money. and address thanking you..
  • mudasir noor said on March 21, 2013
    the shop is in the main market .i want to start mobile accessories and spare parts ,repairing and flashing also please give me the best solution how to start and tricks of marketing to be one of the famous shop in the market
  • Harrison said on May 8, 2013
    I live in Melvern johannesburg, south africa. I would like to start a cell phone repair business including flashing and un-locking. But I don't know where to learn this trade! I would be glad If I can be directed where to study this. Thanks
  • mutebi muhammad said on May 25, 2013
    My names is Mutebi Muhammad from Uganda, I have started my own mobile phone repair, and I'm now in business but still I need some more help in; how can I get repair equipment, how can I get supports and financial help improve my products and services, can I hire accountant, what about sales personal and marketing department, Do I need QuickBooks for my repair business. I will be great full.
  • mobeen said on July 3, 2013
  • David said on July 22, 2013
    Hi, my brother and I are currently trying to find out what kind of permit or license is needed for this kind of business in Las vegas, if anyone knows please reply we would really appreciate it.
  • babaki tsayang said on October 13, 2013
    hi, i am in Botswana. i would like to start a cell phone repair business including flashing and un-locking, i want to know the equipment and tools to buy.
  • Ganesan said on November 8, 2013
    I was in India 53 years old. I would like to start a cell phone repair business please help the course.
  • james fombe said on November 14, 2013
    machipisa in harare may i know where to get spares
  • Adepoju olaoluwa said on December 19, 2013
    I need assistance pls help me am through wit my learning phone repair but i need money to start the business
  • Abiort Matutu said on January 12, 2014
    I'm in Mberengwa Zimbabwe help me where to buy unlocking and flashing tools
  • cynthia said on January 27, 2014
    am in the repair business. i need some advice from colleagues on new repair skills
  • Davie Middleton said on March 7, 2014
    I am looking to start my own business in cellular phone repair. I am going to retire this year. I have been looking into some franchise companies like Digital Doc & Life Line. I have also looked at some schools to go to for training. If I go to a training school, then I will have to start from home. Is the cell phone business a good business to start at home? What would be the best thing to do? I am 62 year old, I want to get the business off to a good start and hire some to work for me . Would a franchise be better are would a home base business work starting off?
  • kooreng said on March 10, 2014
    i'm a young man having a knowledge on cellphone repairing both software and hardware. i'm looking for a job. +26776232616/+26775166399. botswana
  • Sidiiq said on March 13, 2014
    Hello i am from somalia i want to start the business now you may surprise when you somalia but the somali population 90 percent use phones so i need your help i have just bought to unlocking boxes octopus and volcano box for Chinese phones bu i am having difficulties how to use it
  • levi said on March 22, 2014
    i am a ugandan i need to start a cell phone business and repair at the same time i would really love to incorporate training individuals but i have not had any training and would like your advise if i can get an on line training on this as well as a business plan. i did physics at bachelors level and i need this business seriously kindly help.
  • DENNIS SYENGO WAMBUA said on April 29, 2014
    thanks. i already have this kind of business and i find it much paing than none..i encourage those interested to do the same. thanks
  • David Swartz said on June 11, 2014
    Los Angeles, California. Hello. My name is David. I am interested in opening my own smartphone repair business. So I am curious on how and what is the best course to use in order to obtain my license. If I could have any advice or assistance I would really appreciate it. Thanks, David
  • ROEDRIGAZ said on July 27, 2014
    hi I am roedrigaz in Zimbabwe and would love to get help on starting a cellphone repair business. i would appreciate your help in what I tools I would need and websites for distributors. thank you
  • shidant rawat said on August 19, 2014
    tall me about mobile repairing course? how many rupees for course? how many months?
  • Lewis said on August 28, 2014
    I have a very sound knowledge of gem hardware repairs. I can fix all types of mobile phones both old and latest phones. If anyone is need of a qualified gsm technician he or she should contact me at my email: or +254703400447
  • Mary right said on December 14, 2014
    I want to know can you work in a cellphone repair shop with a level 1 certificate. I have my own website but I am not having slot of traffic. So what's a food idea
  • dhanabal said on December 24, 2014
    how to franchising from mobile phone flashing materials to wholesale prize
  • George Morara said on January 23, 2015
    i have a shop at kericho town, i am a qualified electronics technician. am interested in starting electronics, electrical and mobile repairs at the same time stock spares for the same. kindly assist with advice on how go about it.
  • Imran said on February 11, 2015
    I need good volume of Used Mobile Phone from United States. Anyone refer me the concerned person who can help me to purchase ?
  • Tajinder said on February 15, 2015
    Hi Sir, I want to start cell phone repair shop in ontario. My question is- What are formalities to open shop
    1-license (how to get license)
    2-Tex (which tex and how much)
    And pls give me detailed information related this business step by step. Thanks, Tajinder
  • julius McCloud said on April 14, 2015
    Good Aft...I am looking to start a cell phone repair biz pls assist...any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. I saw your name online in a forum...I’m retired military. do you have any good info or business plan. I reside in Chesapeake Va. I am looking to start my own business in cellular phone repair. I am going to retire this year. I have been looking into some franchise companies like Digital Doc, CPR, & Life Line. I have also looked at some schools to go to for training. Looking to open a brick and mortar I want to get the business off to a good start and hire some to work for me . Would a franchise be better or would a brick and mortar? location Chesapeake Virginia 23320
  • Dakir Saleebaan ismail said on October 26, 2015
    I am looking to start my own business in cellular phone repair. would you kindly send me a business plan and formal business? Thanks
  • Alex C. said on December 23, 2015
    I would like to start my own business with smartphone and tablets repair in New York Astoria, Queens. Please send me some info of how to start this biz.
  • Dumisani Daweti said on July 8, 2016
    I have ambitions to start my own business in Cellular phone repairs, I want to have the certificate I don't find the colleges to study here in South Africa, will you please recommend, or send me some information on Colleges.
  • Archie said on August 3, 2016
    i'm willing to start a phone repair business at home . Bt i don't know how do i start it but at my area there is no one who can repair phones so please help Harare ,Zimbabwe
  • viran said on November 16, 2016
    I need help, I want a software to check any problems in a cell phone
  • peter said on May 21, 2019
    i need a business plan for Cell Phone Repair Business Plan can u help me
  • Barros kienga macanda said on August 17, 2019
    Hi, I'm from Angola. I need a business plan for a cellphone accessories and repair shop. I need more training, so could you give me the price and how to get started? Please do not forget to send the good training center of cellphone online for free. Thanks
  • Philani said on August 1, 2021
    Hello, I'm in Zimbabwe m looking for a job. I repair all types of cell phones; I have more than ten years of experience +263712764971. Thus, my number.
  • Thomas Kayemba said on July 10, 2022
    I am Lwanga Thomas from Uganda. I need to start a cell phone business, but I don't know the requirements. Can you help me???????? pliz
  • Thomas lwanga said on July 10, 2022
    But I have experience of repairing all electric appliances like TV, Radio phones, etc. if you want me to call 0772379187


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