Starting a DVD Rental Business

DVDs are known for its audio and video quality as well as its great storage capacity. These are the reasons why there is continuous growth in DVD production as well as the entire home entertainment industry.

You can study how to start DVD rental business here and your immediate success will be ensured.

DVD rental is well-patronized by people who want to watch movies in their own home. It’s more comfortable and cheaper compared to watching in a theater. So if you want to start a DVD rental business, you must know some basic things to make it successful.

DVD Rental Business Plan

Just like any other business, you need cash in opening a DVD rental. Then you need to select a good location with heavy traffic as well as organize documents, permits, and licenses before you operate. Most of the time, it’s best to consult a good lawyer to prevent legal issues. Here are the steps in starting this type of business:

  • Estimate start-up costs and make sure you have enough capital to begin with.
  • Shop for the equipment you need such as display shelves to display the DVDs and a computer to track rental.
  • Buy at least 4 copies of each movie you want to rent out. You can buy cheaper ones in stores offering wholesale DVDs. Optionally, you can shop online for these. And if some movies did not appeal to the taste of your market, you can approach stores that swap these for free.
  • Create rental rules as well as terms and conditions clearly to your customers.
  • Finally, advertise you business through fliers, online ads, and other community marketing efforts.

DVD Rental Business Guide

Another critical decision is to determine the type of DVD rental business you can start – it could be either a movable rental machine, fixed store, or franchise. If you chose to buy a franchise, you can research on the available franchisors in your area. In opening a fixed store, you need to make sure that you rent out quality DVDs and minimize your overhead to continue making a profit. On the other hand, a movable rental machine would take your business to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you.

It’s best if you can have a good system to check movies in and out of your store. You can use bar codes or reference numbers to have a unique identifier of each DVD you have. Remember that every cost depletes your income so you’ve got to be organized in your operations. Sometimes, you also need to make an allowance for loss, theft, or damage to your DVDs since this is part of the risk you’re taking. Nevertheless, you can still have a smooth and fun business if you stick to your action plan.

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  • james carroll said on May 25, 2018
    hi, I'm thinking about starting up a DVD rental business and I need some advice on how to set up a business plan to secure funding to start up. can u help me with my business plan?


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