Open an Electric Wheelchair Rental Business

Electronic wheelchairs are wheelchairs that use gears and belts. They are used by elderly people or those who have disabilities.

The advantage of electronic wheelchair or also known as power wheelchair on an ordinary wheelchair is the ability to be controlled by the one sitting in it without requiring much effort.

In opening an electric wheelchair rental business, there are few things that are needed to be considered such as the existing businesses that provide the same service. Choosing the right models of electric wheelchairs could also be considered to gain advantage over competitors. The following are the three basic models of electric wheelchairs:

  • Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs – this type of wheelchair is also known as the traditional style. It is also the most popular among three. They are also faster than front-wheel but have inferior turning capabilities than font-wheel and mid-wheel models.
  • Front-wheel drive wheelchairs – are becoming more common due to its improved turning capabilities. But this model has lower speed compared to rear-wheels.
  • Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs – among the three models, this one is far better in terms of speed and turning functions but also may be unsteady when stopping and starting. This type has caster wheels at the back part and an anti-tip wheels in front thus limiting its use on uneven surfaces.

There are also some features that can be added to the wheelchairs:

  • Power tilt – this tilts the entire seat assembly and footrest upward to provide relief to some passengers.
  • Recliner – this feature tilts the back and raises the leg rest.

In starting a business such as rentals, one of the first things you must consider is business insurance. Make sure to choose a reputable insurance company that provides the best policy. Since you are entrusting the use of the wheelchairs to your customers, the safety of the machines are not in your hands anymore. That is why insurance is a must. Seeking advice from people who actually own rental business could also help you in choosing the best insurance company for your business.

Maintenance of the wheelchairs should be done to keep them in good condition. From time to time, you should also check the condition of the wheelchairs. Conduct a visual observation on the wheelchairs and check for parts that have apparent problems. Also make sure that wirings are safely away from belts, gears, and wheels to prevent them from being caught. Listening to the motor sound is one way to check if there is a problem on the motor itself. If it sounds unfamiliarly odd or it becomes noisy, you should immediately check what is causing the problem. Occasionally, you should also check for loose wirings by making sure that they are all firmly in place because you don’t want to risk customers unintentionally changing the wiring connections. Any moving parts such as foot rests, removable backs, tilt mechanisms, and adjustable armrests should also be check regularly to make them last longer.

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  • Bryan Lamont said on February 2, 2011
    Hi My name is Bryan, I am handicapped man. I have a power wheelchair. I am writing you about my idea for power wheelchairs. Make convertible wheelchairs that closed people handicapped in from all Weather. We are out in all weather in our wheelchairs. we need something That come over us in bad weather. We can put the roof Down or up by a button. I think it is good idea for wheelchairs. I have strong feeling they can build convertible wheelchairs, if they would put their heads together. Hey each day they keep bring out new ideas for other things. We (handicapped people) have to say what we want on our wheelchairs, and tell them we need better wheelchairs. I hope I will hear from back someone who has a wheelchair or who make Power wheelchairs on my idea. Thank you Bryan


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