Starting a Wheel Repair Business

If you want to start a wheel repair business, you can ensure success if you have a detailed plan to follow. You should also possess adequate business knowledge and the skills to conduct wheel repairs.

Hire staff who know the business and monitor your financials. Don?t forget to secure a license and insurance to avoid potential problems in the future.

Starting Your Own Wheel Repair Business

There are many business ideas that you can choose from to make profits. Can you identify some unaddressed needs in your local area? You can start your wheel repair business if you can’t find enough services. Like any other business, you can ensure success if you begin with a detailed business plan. To develop one, you will have to conduct a thorough market study. This will serve as your guide to starting and managing a successful wheel repair business.

It would be impossible to start a home-based business because the daily jobs can affect the usual routine of the household. Find an ideal location for the shop; it should have adequate space for the office and the shop where you repair the wheel. There are also some things that you have to get. You need to apply for utilities and purchase furniture and fixtures for the office. It would help if you also found a supplier of the needed wheel repair supplies and the tools and equipment. It would help if you had extra wheels, tires, jacks, and other materials for the repair. It would be impossible to do this alone, and hiring the needed staff is vital.

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Staffing, Licensing, and Other Matters

Make sure that your new employees are knowledgeable enough. That way, you don’t have to train them on how to repair wheels. You can hire 3-5 employees to help you with the business's daily operations. Make sure that you take on projects that you can finish on time. You have to provide quality and on-time services no matter what because the existing customers can refer you to other potential clients. Promote your business by placing banners outside the shop, giving out flyers in high-traffic areas, and business cards.

To efficiently operate the business, you must apply for a business license. Submit the requirements and pay the fees. You must also purchase insurance like general liability insurance or worker’s compensation. Just get the ones you need that apply to your business. Get accounting software to check if you’re making enough money. For instance, you must check if your profits cover daily expenses and other costs. Remember that you must strictly monitor the financials because this will determine your success. Employ the proper management techniques and continue with the advertising of your business. Keep yourself updated on the new methods used in wheel repair.


  • r bhaskarrao said on September 13, 2012
    sir, i want to start a wheel alinement service center for cars in tirupati, andhra pradesh, tell about the business, i.e. capital, manpower, machinery & other resources requirement. thank you
  • madhurjya Phukan said on October 5, 2012
    Hi, I want to start a wheel service shop for passenger car in Sivsagar, Assam. Kindly let me know about the investment cost and return per month.
  • muhammad arfan said on November 21, 2012
    Hi, I want to start a wheel repair business but my problem is that I dont know the machines name and where i can buy new and used machines. please If you can help me and give me estimate for its cost and earnings per month, I'll really appreciate it. Thanks
  • Mohammad said on February 3, 2013
    I intend to start a wheel repair & oil change services. so i need any brief details that shall be useful to be a distinguished place to provide quality and on time services, i ask to give me a brief about latest machine, equipment good brands & other tools or other services that i could have to provide it in way attracts customers. best regards; Moh'd Hubaish Amman-Jordan
  • Dobson said on November 29, 2014
    I want to start a wheel repair business. First things first. I want your advice on the first tools and machines i need to start off this business with. I know there's a wide range of tools used in this type of business but i need your advice cos I'm a beginner. Thank you.
  • mmoloki johnson said on January 8, 2015
    I want to start a wheel repair business coupled with wheel bearing pressing and the other related services. which machines and tools can I start with. i'm based in Botswana. please assist with other ideas related thereto.
  • itumeleng said on February 28, 2017
    Hi am Itumeleng and I want to start a wheel repair business but my problem is the capital for start. I have my own place for the business and am a tyre expert since I have all qualification and experience. i am currently working for one of the biggest tyre company. anyone who is willing to help me with funds plz do so.
  • Mohit tomar said on March 18, 2017
    Hi sir i am Mohit from india and i want to start wheel repair and new alloy wheel business please send me details for this
  • SIBAHLE said on August 18, 2020
    Hi my name is Sibahle whole I want to start a weel service shop for passengers but I don't know where I can find the machines and tools to use, can someone help me?


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