Toilet Repair Business

What are the common problems encountered by most household why they require toilet repair? What are the necessary tools you will need to fix a toilet?

Most household cannot avoid objects being stuck in their toilet, especially if there are kids around, some had problems with their running toilet or there’s a leak in the tank.

What ever the problem may be this is the reason why setting a toilet repair business is in-demand now a day.

What are the things that you will need or take into consideration before you can start your own toilet repair business?

Are You Physically Fit?

Having a toilet repair business does not only require capital for the operation of the business, not just tools but you need to be physically fit, as it requires installation of toilet and toilets are very heavy, unless you have someone who can help you do the job

Do you have Toilet Repairing Skills?

In this kind of business you will be encountering different kinds of toilet repairing problems such as: installing and replacing new toilet, replacement of rubber flapper, clogged toilet, cleaning of the ball-cock diaphragm, running toilet problems, leaking and overflowing toilet, problems inside the toilet tank and many other toilet repairing problems.

Do you have the Permit to do the Job?

You will have to obtain a licensed or a permit to perform the job of installing, replacing toilets. You need to be aware of plumbing codes before you can to repairs especially if you will be touching septic tanks, sewer systems.

Where will you place your Toilet Repair Business?

It will be beneficial on your part if you can start at home, all you need to have is a telephone line, and you don’t need to rent or lease a place. You may start by asking your neighbor if there are any repairs needed for their toilet or you can give out leaflets that a toilet repair service is being offered and ask for referrals. You can try doing someone phone calls to nearby establishments.

Do you have the Complete Tools You Need?

The tools that you will need are the same as plumbing tools. These tools are available in any hardware or do-it-yourself shops such as: plungers, plumber's snake, smooth jawed wrench, pipe wrench, pipe cutter, plumber's tape, seat wrench, plumber’s putty or silicone caulk, channel pliers.

Tips for Repairing Toilets

Determining the problem is one of the most important things you need to know, it may be just a minor problem or it may require installing a new toilet bowl. Check on every part of the toilet: the tank, the plunger, the flush, and the pipes before you make necessary repair.

If unclogging is required you need to remove the water that is in the bowl and get rid of the object that caused it.


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