Starting a Shoe Repair Business

If you want to start a shoe repair business, you will need to possess the right skills and knowledge. You can take up classes or on the job training. After this, you can now work on your business plan.

Start with a home business or lease out a small store space.

Aside from the clothes you wear everyday there is a need to wear the right shoes. You have to maintain clean feet. The only way to look presentable in any event or occasion that you’re attending is to wear the right shoes that fit your clothes. There are times when the shoes get damaged. The expensive ones can’t be thrown away after a few uses. If you know how to do some shoe repair, this can be a great way to earn some extra money. Don’t worry if you lack experience because you can take up classes on shoe repair in your local area.

How to Start a Shoe Repair Shop?

For this business, you will only need repair supplies and a good location. If it is possible, you can begin with a home business. You will need to get some tools, equipment, or machinery for the shoe repair. Make sure that you determine the services that you’re going to offer aside from simple shoe repair like hardware replacement or waterproofing. You must establish a price chart so your customers will know how much the repair will cost them.

There are usually zoning ordinances that you must follow and if it’s not possible to open a home-based business, you will need to find a small store space that you can lease out. Why don’t you check with clothing and shoe stores in your area? You can ask them if you can occupy a small space for shoe repair and pay a portion of the rent. Another way to make it easier for you to enter the industry is by joining SSIA or Shoe Service Institute of America. This can help in validating the business and meet other professionals that can provide support and advice.

You will need an assistant that you can train as you accept shoe repair projects. Secure a business license and inquire at the city office if there are special permits that you need to obtain. When the legal aspect is addressed, you can now focus on advertising. You can print out fliers that you can give away to busy streets or you can post some of them in community billboards, clothing stores, coffee shops, and shoe stores. You can also create a website so you can reach busy people who prefer to shop online. Try to create blogs and articles with relevant content so you can attract more customers. Even with a small business, you should start with a plan. That way, you can never go wrong and you will stay focused.


  • Bishwajit Mahapatra said on November 3, 2012
  • Frank Gorileng Kgope said on February 9, 2013
    My business is currently located in Modimong village, in South Africa. I am working from home in a small space, I am lacking start up capital for my business, which is soles, finishing machine, shoe repair machine, leather off cuts, leather board, shoe dyes, shoe polishes, tools and accessories as well as a suitable workshop. I started when I was 21 now I am 37 years old. I will make a lot of money from shoe repair is just that I am lacking availability or materials. I have more than 10 years experience in this field. I also make sandals, shoes, wallets, bags, and seat covering. I am looking for anyone to donate me some of materials. I am in South Africa. My contacts, +27797789821. Please help me, I don't want to regret for not starting this wealth creating business.
  • Zacharia Ntshwarisang said on January 18, 2014
  • amal said on February 21, 2014
    shoe and bag repair business what kind of machine do i need thanks
  • Agba Wisdom said on April 7, 2014
    Am really interested in learning shoe am actually looking out for a place where i can learn. am in nigeria and my phone number is +2348172581599. Thanks.
  • Sibusiso said on June 26, 2014
    I'm interested in starting a shoes repair business but have no skill in repairing shoes so i want to acquire some skills
  • Emmanuel Uvietobo said on December 4, 2014
    Small experience. Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria. please help me for a proposal which I want present for screen in government open business opportunity.
  • Eddie said on January 22, 2015
    I would like to be assisted with a business plan for a shoe repair shop. I have very little experience and knowledge of tools or materials as well as machinery. Could you help please? Eddie
  • michelle stuard said on April 21, 2015
    my father is retiring from the shoe repair business and has equipment and supplies for sale please contact me with any info you may have about someone who wants to purchase these items
  • Phumulani said on June 26, 2015
    I'm i Soweto, once ran a shoe repair business, when I was in Limpopo for visit all my equipment was stolen and I have to start from scratch. I cannot find a place where to find new or used complete set of equipment again. Please help
  • Ernest said on August 27, 2015
    I am located in KIMBERLEY in the Northern Cape South Africa. I want to train people who are willing to be become a shoe cobbler. I start repairing shoe from 8 years I am now 45 years old. I am educated and want to train people who a passionate about cobbling. Ernest 0735099636
  • Yassar said on October 9, 2015
    Hello I'm looking for a professional high end shoe repair staff to join my company in Dubai.
  • Ayet Mkpo said on November 14, 2015
    I am setting up shoe repair operations as part of my dry-cleaning business in Nigeria. I require a competent cobbler to join my organization. Contact by email.
  • lawrence said on March 21, 2016
    Hi,would like to start a shoe repair business but need to know the kind of equipment and tools I need.i lack the skills but have knowledge on how to run a business.please help with this info and where to get the tools.honeydew,roodepoorte.
  • Timothy Smith said on February 7, 2017
    What's up I would like to start a shoeshine and repair business.
  • Chinnie said on February 18, 2017
    @yassar how did you start up your business. Could you please write me via mail
  • Sfiso said on April 8, 2018
    I am interested in shoe repair business. Are there training institutions for this course is South Africa? If yes, please let me know.


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