How to Start PC Repair Business

Nowadays, everything is made possible through the computers.

Starting a pc repair business can make you easy money because not all knows how to repair their computers.

If you have technical knowhow on computers, it would be your chance to have your own business.

Since almost everyone uses computers either for personal and business use, the pc repair business became in-demand for many years up to present. This kind of business covers various services that include fixing keyboards, software installation and many others. However, starting pc repair business requires technical skill and knowledge about the computers. Hard work and flexibility can also help to find more customers. Here are some helpful tips to start a pc repair business.

Identify your Ideal Customers

Before starting any business, it is a rule of thumb to figure out your prospect customers. You should determine the characteristics and the major problems your prospect customers are facing. It is ideal to think first the niche you want to serve so that you can make specialization. It is important to have a specific niche and specialty so that you can have focus. Determine if all your clients use the same hardware and software. As much as possible you should offer services that other technicians do not offer. In this way you can be indispensable to your customers.

Know your Ability

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is also necessary. There are people who possess competent technical background but do not have the capability to start a business. Having a perfect balance of social, technical and business skills is the key to succeed in pc repair business. In this way you can guarantee to meet the needs of your customers. Likewise, you should improve your skills so that you can update yourself with the latest technologies. You can read computer magazines where you can obtain the latest trends in the industry.

Set your Rates

In running a pc repair business, the time you consume is equivalent to money. That is why as soon as you start your business you should set your rates. A low rate in the beginning is reasonable, but you need to consider that you will find difficulty in raising rates. In this sense, you should set a rate that would not compromise your reputation as well as your relationship with your customers. You can inquire from other pc repair shop about the prevailing prices so that you can have an insight how much you need to charge. In this way you can have the better chance to become competitive. Moreover, as you are operating a pc repair business, it is a must to have the updated operating systems in order to meet the needs of the clients. Keep in mind that your business deals with fixing computer problems. That is why it is your responsibility to purchase the necessary software and operating systems.


  • umesh thakur said on January 9, 2013
    I want to start my business in Akola maharashtra
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    i am planning to start computer and mobile phone maintenance at Addis Ababa, Saris area. please write me constructive comments on the business and how i get technical support
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    I want to start my computer sales and service business in DHARAPURAM - TIRUPUR (Dist) - TAMILNADU


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