How to Start Clothing Company

A clothing company is one of the most basic businesses. It provides the basic need of a person which is clothing.

Starting your own company of this kind of nature is a good deal of investment.

Cost of Starting Clothing Company

The cost of finances that you will need depends on what kind of clothing are you going to make. You should be able to plan first the kind of clothing you will make and then do a study on how much will be the cost of the raw materials that will be needed in making your clothing line. It should also be determined and be researched carefully the cost it will give to the owner on the man power he will need. Most of the time, the companies would finance more on the materials and machines needed than to the finances to be given to the employees. This will be a big problem to you if you won’t plan carefully the salary of your employees. Remember that they will be the one who will make your clothing. Banks may help you in coming up with your initial capital for your newly opened clothing company. They may allow you to loan from their banks. See to it that when you loan, you know how to exceed the amount of the loan you made in terms of the income. Remember that once you loaned money, you will be paying those back including the interest entailed in it.

Factors That Would Put Your Way to Success

The name of your company will be a great factor. In the new generation of consumers, they are very much into the name of the brand and not the other factors. They would rather look for the name of the clothing and also the quality of the clothing.

Marketing is also a good factor in getting your company’s way to success. If you have a very good marketing plan then you will be able to have great income in the future. Most of the time companies would face bankruptcy because they lack good marketing plan. They are just focusing on the income that they would get and they have taken for granted the quality of their products. You must take into consideration the quality of your clothing products. The clothing is the main product in this business so quality of it must come first.

Management is also crucial in this business. A company must have a good manager. The one who must manage the business should be well trained and has a great knowledge on how to run a clothing company like yours. The manager should know how to manage the employees of the company especially those who makes the clothing. Since you are aiming for the quality of the clothing, the materials should be well checked personally by the manager to see to it that the materials being brought to the company is of the right quality.


  • ezekiel said on August 25, 2010
    i appreciate your work, but i need your assistance in terms of staff management.thanks in anticipation
  • gunjan jha said on November 7, 2011
    hi, i gunjan jha, from godda jharkhand & want to start a clothing company(t-shirts) . pls advice the necessary idea. about m/c, raw material, cost, etc. for this i ll be very thankful to you.
  • Daman Chilana said on November 29, 2011
    i m from Rudrapur,Uttrakhand,INDIA. i want to start a clothing company (women's wear).pls provide ideas if i dont want to manufacture but to make my own brand.
  • Jaydip savliya said on April 1, 2012
    I am from surat. Gujrat. I start a cloth company for all world and i make my brand for men, woman. New born. But i don't know how i can manage labor work and money management. Please help me.
  • Randy Derouen said on September 16, 2012
    Please send any help you can. Lafayette,LA,USA
  • naveen raj said on October 22, 2012
    plz suggest me how to develop own brand through own manufacturing in low investment
  • mohammed zaheed said on November 23, 2012
    good evening, sir. my name is mohammed zaheed i am looking for good business idea where i only not make money but also export my product to other countries but right now i am student. neither i have business background nor capital but i have zeal to do business could guide me. like how to acknowledge who is the supplier in the market, who is the buyer in the market, because studying in the books is completely different from real world phenomena
  • K V Bhaskar said on January 29, 2013
    Hi all, I am into this business since last 8 yrs. Pls. send your queries I would be glad to reply all of them in a best possible manner. My email id is
  • Lucas said on April 18, 2013
    Hallo I know few people who are in mining companies(coal) they now and then offer me shares to buy but my problem is finance. They advised me that i dont have to have money to make money any thing can be viable for business like information and so forth. Except the actual extraction of the commodities what else or business opportunities are there in Mining. South Africa Mpumalanga
  • oluwasheun said on June 11, 2013
    My name is Oluwasheun i want to start a clothing company in Nigeria and i want advice and how to kick start it. also company that sell clothing material need to know them and also if i can see someone who can help in the place of finance pls email on
  • tahir m khan said on August 21, 2013
    i want to start scrap business but i dont have any idea how i start it . i am living in taiwan and i want to do this business with asian countries like india vietnam indonesia please give me advice how i start this business what is basic points thank you
  • durgesh said on January 19, 2014
    my name is Durgesh, now I am in Melbourne (australia) I want to start up my own T-shirt clothing company in india so how much capital should I need?
  • John D said on April 15, 2014
    Hi, i want to start my own clothing business, i want to know whether or not i need a patent and sewer machines and a factory ect or if i can use somebody else's place to get my product ready. I would appreciate your advice pls. Thank you
  • Rajesh said on June 24, 2014
    hi, i would like to start a new business with 10 lakhs( flexible). i am interested in plastic bottle manufacturing or quotations printing on tea shirts or anything you suggest to me. my proper location is very near to vijayawada. but i don't have any idea the above said business options. Did i get any loans to start. what are the formalities to start a new business from the government side.
  • Rajesh said on June 24, 2014
    hi i start my business around mylavaram, nunna, gannavaram or kondapally, Krishna district.these are my business options.
  • Shobha said on August 20, 2014
    Hello, i'm Shobha from Patna, Bihar. i have great ideas for making sarees. i want to start a saree company for that i decided the place to buy raw material and will keep 2-4 employees initially. The biggest problem of mine is that I don't have any good marketing plans. please suggest some good marketing solutions .
  • Anup singh said on March 18, 2016
    Hi,i want to start my own clothing business but i don't have any idea Did i get any loans to start the company.what are the formalities to start a new business from the government side.
  • Melody Demo said on November 15, 2022
    I would like to start a gently used and consignment shop. I have the perfect storefront but I don't have the inventory or the racks or cash register. I think I need a business plan but I don't know how to make one please help. I am extremely interested in this


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