Start Your Own Toilet Installation Business

Considered as fast growing manufacturing business nowadays toilet installation business requires strategic planning. Keep crucial aspects in mind when starting your own toilet installation business. Things like tissue papers and jumbo rolls besides major items required must be bought in bulk to get better deal. You need good manufacturing unit and suitably sized factory with well-trained workforce.

Have at least two permanent staffs in the factory to supervise operation and dedicated team to ensure best servicing. The role of casual labours and market staff are equally important.

One planning to start toilet installation business must have well-equipped store, properly decorated shop with receptionist and one person to look into the administrative aspects. Have excellent marketing strategy like telesales facility by contacting customers and using various communication sources including telephone, email and promotional activities to build long lasting relationships with them. Collect orders and maintain timely servicing.

Selection of Raw Material: Toilet installation business owners can either manufacture some items at their own place or order raw materials from the suppliers who offer items in reasonable rates. Even simplest of items like toilet papers should be arranged well in advance along with major items to make it possible for delivering prompt and better service. Usually toilet papers are of two types like virgin and recycled. Both are used according to requirement. Entire toilet installation process can be handled smoothly which makes this business highly profitable. Limited stock items are required in installation.

Marketing: When you start your own toilet installation business the first and foremost thing coming in your mind is how to expand your services to more people. The market is flooded with so many business establishments of similar nature. There is too much competition in it. You have to survive and move faster to leave others behind in this race. It is, therefore, very important to develop better market strategy after doing thorough research. There is huge demand of such services in all societies.

These essential services are to be offered with utmost sincerity. Find out your target market and work on that systematically. The requirement can arise in personal homes, café’s, supermarkets, schools, industry, cleaning companies, office blocks, hospitals, government offices and other establishments of such nature. All of them would have specific needs and approaches. You have to plan your services accordingly.

Growth: There is tremendous growth in the toilet installation business. It is very much linked with several other businesses like supplying different kinds of raw materials required in establishing well furnished and state of the art toilets for individual and professional needs. Hence the growth in this business remains manifold.


  • Mainck said on November 4, 2009
    please send the details investment, raw material , sales etc.. thanks
  • manik said on November 14, 2009
    please send the details about investment raw material etc...
  • mathew said on July 23, 2011
    i would like to start a new toilet roll and facial tissue manufacturing unit. So can you please inform me about the machinery needed and its price and also the raw materials required
  • Fabrizio said on October 10, 2014
    hi, I have no experience on that, but if you can help me with more details about machinery, investment raw material. Many Thanks


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