Starting Custom Lanyards Business

Lanyards are not only laces where you can hang an ID but they can also become a beautiful neck accessory when they are customized.

Starting custom lanyards business can be a great way to have small business because of the products fast selling capabilities.

Lanyards are nice accessories that are also functional in hanging IDs.

Most lanyards are hand-weaved while some are custom-printed to make it even personalized. Companies with IDs personalize their lanyards to make it even recognizable to others. What they do is they let their company name of logos printed in the strap of the lanyards. Since lanyards are now the hippest and most used accessories to hang IDs on the neck, it has also been proven that it is one of today’s best businesses to start.

To start, you have to at least know how to make customized lanyards. Doing buy and sell on lanyards without customizing could be a slow business. What makes money is the lanyard where people can see their names on it, or the company’s name, or even the school name. Before starting such business, you have to gain knowledge about customizing lanyards. You may also learn making handcrafted lanyards for additional products to sell. If you are too excited to start your business then you may start by having a supplier to trust and then it is up to you on how you customize it for companies, schools, and individuals. Lanyards can have so many possible designs. With this business, you can practice your creativity or you can hire some partners who are knowledgeable about the business.

Next, you have to prepare your capital and look for a supplier that can give you best deals when you order by bulk of raw materials. In this way, you will be able to cut the cost and maximize your profit especially when you have a smaller starting capital. Printing and designing equipment, however, may require much of your initial investment.

To make your business more profitable and have sure customers, you have to transact or even contract prospective schools, companies, organizations, and others that may need lanyards. Cell phones are also being hung today using lanyards so it is also a perfect idea to customize lanyards for cellular phones. You can also have the option of advertising your business by word of mouth or creating samples and catalogues where your products will be showcased and be seen by customers. You must have at least 3 or 4 choices of designs so that customers can have more options to choose from.

Be competitive and study your competitors in the area. Make sure that you are not left behind with the latest styles and fads even with lanyards. Be loyal to your suppliers and maintain your integrity with your regular customers because once you have established great products and great relationships with them, they will go to your company every time they need customized lanyards.


  • Tony said on February 5, 2011
    Hi There. I live in Northwest Indiana. I am wanting to open a customized lanyard and ID supply company. I am looking for a supplier, you mention one above. How do I go about finding a supplier? I have a lot of knowledge on custom lanyards.GREAT article! Thanks for your help! Tony
  • Julia Ganzert said on October 23, 2014
    Hello, I am Julia and I am working for BMW. I am looking for lanyards, which presents BMW in a reputable way. The color for the lanyards should be black, grey and blue. About the color of the writing I am free to choose. It would be awesome if you could recommend me a type of lanyard and a design. I would like to send you our late one that you receive an impress but on this platform am I not able to upload something. Maybe you could send me an email and I will reply with an attachment of the picture. Thank you so much! regards, Julia
  • Aderele Olorunjuni said on February 18, 2015
    hello, i am Aderele Olorunjuni Joseph, a lanyard producing company based in Nigeria and China. if you need customized lanyards. just give me the quantity. and we can conclude on the artwork. reach me by mail @ hope to hear from you soon. we can produce 1000pcs in a week. thanks
  • Steven Sung said on October 29, 2016
    Hello, i am Steven Sung , We are experienced lanyards manufacture and can make all kinds of lanyards with high quality and competitive low price. If you have interest, And contact me via i will be available and offer the best service. Thanks.
  • David Chen said on December 3, 2016
    Hi This David Chen with RELLFAITH, we are professional lanyard manufacturer in China, we are the supplier of BRADY, if you need custom lanyard kindly send your request to we will give you best price with great quality and service.


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