Start Your Own Custom Koozies Business

Looking for a business with a new kind of saleable product? Then why not start your own custom koozies business! Find out more here.

If you think that ‘koozies’ are only used in to keep cold beers in cans or in bottles remain chilled then you have to think again.

You must have heard of koozies that are now used in weddings or in product promotions. If you are still unfamiliar about its recent hip uses, then you have to read on and even discover how to start up a good business with koozies!

Thanks to the person who started the idea of customizing koozies and making it a novelty item. If you are creative enough, you can actually create many ideas that will make koozies a product that sells in any occasion. Ranging from wedding souvenirs, birthday gifts, keepsakes, and other wonderful gift items, you can do as much as your imagination can think of. When creating an item out of koozies, you may use different materials such as ribbons, paints, beads, and so on. Depending on where it is supposed to be used, designs can be made from simple to more decorative ones. In making wedding souvenirs, you may dress the koozies with white laces and silver beads with the photos of the newly-wed. You may also write a simple wedding quote and engrave their names on the design. For advertising or promotion, you can even make it as simple painting it with the logo and the tagline of the product. Customizing koozies for gift ideas such as birthdays or for friendship, you can even make even more creative designs where you can engrave quotes, Bible verses, pictures, and so on. Colors and patterns are also a must when it comes to creating many choices for customers.

You may start your own custom koozies business with a not-so-big initial investment. Before you even plan to start a big one, you have to first make a study about your potential customers in the area. With a small investment at the start, you can already create amazing designs that do not require very expensive materials. You may just soon invest on more advanced materials and equipment once you already have established your business in the area. You may advertise your services and products through word of mouth. Catalogues and displays of samples on your store can also be a good way of marketing your product. Always make yourself updated with big events such as proms, weddings, parties, and others that might need your souvenir products and gift items.

In choosing a location, you can have the choice of starting it in your neighborhood. You may also choose to have carts or mobile stores and find greater number of markets such as in airports or malls.

Starting this kind of business requires your creativity and industry but you can also ask some help from your creative friends and together you can be partners in this promising business.


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