RNR Custom Wheels & Tires Franchise Info

Get access to some RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise information now so you can properly evaluate why you should seriously consider this franchise opportunity.

RNR Custom Wheels & Tires is a unique business in itself because it is a company that offers their clients for the chance to rent to own tires that they have.

Founded in the year 1999, the company continues to grow and expand in our times and has likewise been entertaining entrepreneurs who want to own their own franchise unit. As you acquire an RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise, you will have the privilege of being part of a business that has the potential to grow more in the near future. Simply stated, the money you spend for your investment will really be worth it.

With your own RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise, one of the immediate benefits you will instantly get is that you won’t need to have any worries with regards to in house competition. This is because part of the contract that you will sign with RNR Custom Wheels & Tires is that they will give you exclusive rights for your specific area. This means you won’t have concerns about being in competition with another RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise owner just a few blocks away so this should eventually lead to increased opportunities for you.

Now there might be some who have never had any business experience in the past and getting an RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise would be their first time to do that. This should also not be a problem at all because extensive training is also provided for all franchise owners. You will be trained about how to get off to a good start for your business and how to effectively implement the systems established by RNR Custom Wheels & Tires. Actually, you will also be taught about to manage your accounts the right way and even about how to balance a tire. The entire training runs for four weeks.

Shortly after that, you will also receive continuous instructions from them through constant communication. You will also have their contact information so you could get in touch with them quicker for any questions you may have.

For the requirements, a franchise owner should pay a franchise fee of $25,000. A royalty fee amounting at least 4% of your gross intake and an advertising fee of $2 would also be needed for each month. The liquidity requirement, on the other hand, would be for $150,000 and a total investment of $336,100 to $423,400. As of the present moment, there are now a total of 60 franchise units within the United States.

There are really a lot of advantages for an RNR Custom Wheels & Tires franchise. In addition to the others previously mentioned, this opportunity also gives you the chance to experience the chance to have a strong marketing plan since you will be part of a reputable business known nationwide. Expect to have a lot of customers from the day you start opening doors since many clients will surely line up for your products and services.


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