About U-Save Car & Truck Rental Franchise

U-Save Car and Truck Rental provides adequate services consistent in all its franchises. Owning a franchise is not a risky investment since operational system backing is always available and proven effective though time.

Established since 1979, U-Save Car and Truck Rental started franchising from that very same year. U-Save has more than 10,000 vehicles across different locations in the United States and it is starting to go worldwide.

It provides car and truck rental to individuals, families and businesses.

Going strong through years, the company maintains a good combination of fast service and warm treatment to clients.

Franchising your a U-Save Car and Truck Rental entails different terms and conditions which are all for the benefit of maintaining service consistency.

Generally, as per condition, absentee-owner should not run any U-Save franchise. They prefer hands-on operation to ensure customer satisfaction for every transaction. For more than three decades now, they are proving that there is no substitute putting focus in running a business.

Benefit from franchising U-Save is that you immediately have the guarantee of excellent and enhanced services. They provide corporate training and continuous support on the financing, insurance, marketing effort and overall business plan assistance to its every franchise.

Franchise Services of North America, the owner of other car rental businesses including Rent-A-Wreck, is the parent company of U-Save. Expertise of these reputable names in the car and truck rental business will be extended to all its franchises.

On operational details, number of employee averages to five and that usually includes the marketing, accounting, sales and operations head. It is not a labor-intensive business. The nature of the business is more on customer service. Hence, justly treating customer is a priority.

Financially speaking, net worth requirement ranges from $300,000 to $500,000 and cash liquidity requirement is $60,000 to $150,000. U-Save does not offer in-house financing. However, they have strong ties with fleet financing corporations and other vendor to aid in financial matters since franchising this kind of business needs a reasonably high capital investment. You will need $62,460 - $744,600 as your total investment and $10,000 - $250,000 for the franchise fee.

Ongoing support includes newsletter, meetings, toll-free phone line and internet. These supports are especially important in the dissemination of information. In addition, these help on maintaining communication between franchises and parent businesses.

They also extend help during grand openings, field operations and evaluation for you to be able to operate your franchise effectively and the name of the business as well.

On the other hand, though you get all these benefits and assistance in franchising, as the owner, you must still have your own business plan and strategy. This means having your own marketing strategies tailor made with the marketing initiative of the U-Save. Together with this is the plan by which the company will finance the franchise, staffing the business and other relevant issues. With this, you can have the guide that you will need in running your business. More so, it will build a path of where you wanted your business to head on and it will be as successful as what you have visualized your business to be.


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