Start Wheel Fun Rentals Franchise

If you want to have a franchising business that is environment-friendly and is a great experience for the entire family, them Wheel Fun Rentals is the right kind of franchise business for you.

With a little cash capital and good business character, you can now own a franchise of Wheel Fun Rentals.

With the growing clamor from people for businesses to shift into environment-friendly methods, no other business franchise would be best to have than Wheel Fun Rentals. With multiple franchise unit availability and more than 1,000 new locations available, it is the best way to have a business that is not only good for the entire family but nature as well.

This is also good for people who has no previous business experience and wanted to have fast cash. All you need to have is general business knowledge and good business-character then you are good to go. However, an absentee ownership is not allowed by the company.

If you are interested to have a Wheel Fun Rentals franchise, follow the information below and see a brand new business outlook in you.

Process for application will only take three to four weeks depending on how quickly you were able to file all the necessary requirements. There will be a selection process during the application where the company will determine if you are fit to have Wheel Fun Rentals franchise.

For a single Wheel Fun Rentals franchise, you need to have at least $65,000 to $320,000. This amount will cover all your expenses in putting up a business, including the franchising fee of $29,000.

An ongoing royalty fee of six percent will be charge to you every year by the company once you were able to qualify as a franchisee. The agreement will last up to 10 years and is renewable each time you want to extend the operations of your Wheel Fun Rentals franchise.

With total amount that you will spend will already cover the express or kiosk type business that you want.

It is also easy to operate with only two to three people handling the business. Also, the company will give you exclusive territories to operate to avoid conflict of interest among the same brands.

Meanwhile, in terms of the return of investment, Wheel Fun Rentals prove that it is has a good business model especially after the recent economic crisis in the country. According to company records, sales of all the franchises in the US has increase dramatically during this time and are expected to gain more this year.


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