Grease Monkey Franchise Opportunity

Grease Monkey International Inc., is a well known automotive repair and maintenance business who is offering a franchising opportunity to those who are searching for the right business for them.

According to a survey done in America, 48% of America’s population owns a car. Aside from that, there are more than a hundred jobs all over America that requires driving.

In a day, we could only wonder how many cars are moving around across all roads and highways in America. Aside from this, there are so many car aficionados and troubled car owners that are in need of repairing and maintaining for their cars. This clamor for an excellent car service is gladly responded by the establishment of Grease Monkey in 1978.

Grease Monkey International, Inc. is a well known automotive repair and maintenance business in United States. It is operating more than 200 shops in United States and Mexico. Since 1979 the Grease Monkey’s franchising opportunity is open to any interested people who are in search of the right business for them.

If you are a very interested in the automotive field, you might want to have a good look at the Grease Monkey franchising opportunity. Of course, it is your responsibility to know your capacity in starting up a business. Anyone who is entering a new business opportunity must have the drive and conviction in making the business work for him. You may start by analyzing your fiscal stability. Do you have enough money to start with? Of course, any franchising opportunity is not a free deal. They may be affordable but they are never free. Next, are you a team player? Businessmen cannot solely make his investments grow over time without anyone to help him. Once you enter the franchising opportunity, it goes to show that you would love to be your own boss with your own employees. Can you manage your employees’ welfare? Are you willing to learn more? In this business, there are required skills for you to master. And you will not master those skills in a day by yourself. You must accept that there’s always room for improvement. And in any business, there’s always a need for improvement to be successful. What more can you give? Starting up a business is not just about the money. It may also mean your time and attention. How much time are you willing to give for your business? Are you the type to start something and never care anymore in continuing it once you get tired of it? Those reflective questions are just some self-evaluating points if you are ready for a franchising opportunity.

If you choose to pursue a franchise with Grease Monkey, they will be providing you with the appropriate skill training before you would dive into it. Grease Monkey promises to give you training before and during operating your own franchise business. What’s good with this training is that, they will include your employees in all the trainings that they would give you. So that when the time comes for you to open up your own franchise, you and your employees could easily get the hand of it. Aside from the training, you and your employees will get occasional visits from the representatives of Grease Monkey Inc. because they are very particular with how you provide service to the people because you are carrying their world class name and reputation.

The initial franchise fee is $30,000. You need $153,000-$253,000 as your total investment. The renewal fee is $5,000.


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