Starting a Marco’s Franchise

If you are familiar on how successful Marco’s store franchisees have become then you have to learn more on the great things about this company.

Who can resist the good taste of the delicious pizza that Marco’s serve to customers nationwide? With quality and delectable products matched with the stores remarkable customer service, it is no wonder that this company has become successful together with its big family of franchisees.

If you want to be a part of this family, you can start with an initial franchise fee of only $15,000 with a total investment ranging from $139,000 to $247,000. Annual royalty fee is only 4 to 5% where the term of agreement is ten years. If you wish to renew, you only require $3,000 for another contract. Starting a Marco’s franchise is very rewarding especially when you the one having the qualities that the company is looking for.

Marco’s Pizza and submarine sandwich restaurants have a very humble and reputable background. In just a little span of time, this company has become very successful because of their product and customer service. The company today specializes with selling pizza’s that are made-to-order together with specialty pizzas, submarine sandwiches, Marco’s salad, and the Cheezybread. Having 83 franchises in the Midwest today, this amazing pizza store was started by Pasquale Giammarco in 1978 where in the same year; franchises already began following the first store’s success.

With the freshly-made dough with quality ingredients that they make, this company has also been guided with the right values and principles. They believe that every franchisee have the power to give good service that will produce great pizzas for every customer. Believing that the customer is right has always been emphasized. They believe that making the team stronger is a decision and being customer-oriented makes you important. To them, customers are the reason why the business is growing. The perception of the customer is the reality. Concerning the product, they make it clear that the dough made daily the Marco’s way is the foundation of the foundation. There are secret

ingredients in the sauce and other recipes that only the founder knows. Precision of the mixture makes every pizza very Marco’s and very special. Aside from that, Marco’s its own blend of three cheeses which are never frozen and always fresh. Meats and other toppings that they use in every pizza recipe is surely high-quality that every bite will give the customer happiness and want some more.

When it comes to the reputation of their service, every franchise has become remarkable. They all believe in the principle of giving smile to the customers. They say that the attitude of the whole store makes the customers return. With the telephone, they make sure that the phone is answered in no more than two rings. Once you visit Marco’s you will hear the greetings “Welcome to Marco’s” in no more than two to three steps you make. They make sure that they exceed the customer’s expectation because they believe that it is the one that gives delight to the customers.With a great image and integrity, you can see that this is really one of the best ventures that you can take.


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