How to Start Redbrick Pizza Franchise

RedBrick Pizza is definitely one of the top brands when it comes to delicious pizza - and the food is available in just three minutes. Read this article and learn more about the company.

RedBrick has definitely become one of the well-known brand names when it comes to pizza.

This is mainly because they have successfully combined the proven Old World Italian traditions of baking pizza with New World technology that we are now enjoying in our time. The result? Well it’s the renowned fine, healthy and fresh pizzas only available in RedBrick and nowhere else – all available in just a short span of time as three minutes. This is, of course, something that many customers crave for and they are always coming back for more.

Perhaps best of all, RedBrick Pizza is very affordable so, unlike their many contemporaries, they are doing well when it comes to getting sales from different people from all walks of life. Their food is even served in upscale, casual or even in a café setting.

Health-conscious people also do not need to worry about RedBrick Pizza because their foods are also undeniably healthy. For example, their pizzas are low in fat, calories and carbohydrates when compared with the other pizzas that we have in our days. The cheeses and dough used are also fresh. On top of that, they are also using heart-friendly olive oil so this shouldn’t be harmful for the body.

It’s really amazing to consider how RedBrick Pizza established their reputation and found their niche in the industry. In reality, the RedBrick business itself has just started in 2001 and also began offering franchising offers that same year. They have also been always consistent when it comes to producing delicate and golden crust pizzas in just three minutes and customers loved that since they won’t have to wait for too long after they have placed their orders. Currently, the company is aiming to hit the #1 spot when it comes to fire-roasted gourmet pizza chain in the country.

For those who want to get more information about RedBrick pizza franchising, here are the costs and fees for that. First, the total investment fee would be somewhere around $175,000 to $499,000 with a franchise fee of $25,000. On the other hand, the ongoing royalty fee would be around 6% and the agreement term would be valid for 10 years. Those who want to renew the agreement after that could also do that as well. In addition, the net worth requirement for the franchise would be $500,000 and the cash liquidity requirement, on the other hand, would be around $100,000.

Other than the finances, another important factor for you to eventually succeed as a franchise unit owner for RedBrick is that you should have some general business experience. Of course, you should have this so you could manage the business well enough.

Once you’ve already made it, you will get ongoing support from the RedBrick franchise department such as assistance for effective security and safety procedures, regular field operations and evaluations plus purchasing cooperatives that are all vital for your business to run smoothly.


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