Start a Copy Machine Rental Business

Most small offices don’t necessarily have enough money needed to purchase all equipment at the start. This is why renting a copy machine is typically a good option for them.

With this, they can boost their income by preventing future machine maintenance while having the newest and hi-tech equipment. We can show you how to start Copy Machine Rental Business.

Copiers have always been there in the past decade or two to serve paper copy needs. However, advanced technology has truly impacted the costs and pricing of these machines ranging from the small or basic model up to the industrial-sized one. Companies will pay a lot more for sophisticated color copiers and inkjet or digital copiers that collate, staple, and even make two-sided copies.

Copy Machine Rental Business Plan

It’s a good thing that you can solve their problems because you can offer a copy machine rental for their copying needs. By leasing this machine, they don’t need to make any significant upfront investment to obtain functional, quality equipment. Your customers will look for the following features in leasing this equipment:

  • Repair – your leasing contract may include repairs, provided that the equipment was not misused. Others include associated repair costs in the rental fee.
  • Service and Maintenance – you need to define what you can cover in your routine service and maintenance. In addition, mention in the contract how often this would be.
  • Copy Quantity – a key consideration in renting copiers is the number of copies they can produce in a given month. Most agreements set a maximum number before charging extra costs.
  • Termination – a good rental contract should also state provisions for termination. If there is significant penalty in early termination, it should be clearly printed as well.
  • Copy Machine Rental Business Guide Technology is changing fast, so if you want to go into a copy machine rental business, you need to make sure that you offer the latest machines available in the market. Also, you need to find out the needs of your clients – some would require a colored copier while others could get by with black and white. Here are some tips for you in buying copy machines:
  • Networked or Stand-alone copiers – a networked copier can be connected to several computers and print files aside from photocopying them while a stand-alone copier can only make copies based on hard paper. You need to determine the type of machines you want; better yet, purchase both so you can offer several options to your customers.
  • Home-office copiers – sort through different stores and get quotes online for a copier designed to be used professionally. Consider buying a package that includes cheap ink or toner supplies.
  • Deals for refurbished copiers – you don’t need to purchase a new one if there are dealers offering warranties and deep discounts on used copy machines. Just conduct intensive research to find the best equipment.


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    I want to start a photocopy business but huge investment is not possible as it is a start up business so i am looking photocopy machine on rent. Kindly mail me all the details and procedure for the same.
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