Renting Virtual Office Space

Virtual office spaces are used to reduce the high-cost of maintaining or leasing a traditional office space.

Virtual office spaces are suitable for small business, or businesses that want to minimize the high cost of leasing a traditional office space.

There are several benefits in leasing virtual office spaces:

  • Short-term leasing is possible in renting virtual office space. It does not matter if you want to lease the place for a year or just want to try it out for couple of months.
  • Setting up a utility account such as for water, electricity, and heat is not necessary in renting virtual office spaces because it is already the owner’s obligation. Fully-furnished virtual office spaces are also available.
  • In most of businesses, internet is a necessity. In renting virtual office space, internet is readily available upon moving. You can start your work right away. Either T-1 or cable internet is available.
  • Tables, chairs, cabinets, and other fixtures are already included when you rent a virtual office space. That is why you need not to worry about purchasing office furniture and fixtures.
  • You do not also need to hire utility crew. The management of the virtual office space will be the one who will provide crew who will clean your office in a daily basis so you do not need to worry about trash and messy floors.
  • The management of the virtual office space could also provide you with staff that will perform tasks for you such as answering phone calls, faxes, and other clerical works. And of you are not in your virtual office space, an answering machine or a voice mail will answer your phone.
  • Conference rooms or meeting rooms are also not problems in renting virtual office spaces because the management could also readily provide you with these and if necessary, they can also include presentation equipments such as projectors and sound system.
  • Networking with other businesses or entities is also not a problem in renting virtual office space because different types of businesses may also be located on the same floor, or in other cases, different floors. Such of these businesses are law firms, accountant services, or the like.

To help you choose your virtual office space, seek recommendations from people who actually owned or own a virtual office space. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information in renting virtual office space such as the dos and don’ts. If possible, interview people who actually rent a current virtual office space so that you will be able to know what they have been experiencing so far.


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