Starting a Canoe Rental Business

Searching for ideas on staring your canoe rental business? We will provide you with detailed steps and interesting tips on how to jumpstart your business.

Read on for valuable information on how to turn your shorefront into a thriving locale, meet new interesting friends and earn money at the same time.

Preparation for Your Canoe Rental Business

Starting a canoe rental business is one of the few businesses that do need to be expensive and difficult to operate. If you have decided to pursue this type of business, there are several operating arrangements to choose from. First alternative is to provide canoes to waterfront hotels; marinas etc. and divide the rental income. Second option is rent out a shorefront location for your rental business or third you can stay put at your own location and just rent out your canoes by advertising your services through local media. Your choice would depend on how much control you want over your business.

In starting a canoe business there are some thing you need to pay attention to. First, choose your location. The ideal locations for a canoe rental business are slow-moving bodies of water. If you live near one, then it’s better because you need not rent out a location. You need to assign a start and finish spot that should at least allow for two or more hours of canoe trip. If the trip would be longer and would take days, it would be ideal to set-up several pick-up points. Most of the time, part of the land that you might be using would be private or government owned, and it would be advisable to consult a lawyer regarding payments to landowners as well as permits and other fees from the local government.

Tips for a Successful Canoe Rental Business

Another consideration is the equipments you would be renting out. The number of canoes should depend on the turn-out of renters you will are expecting. However, for first-time renters it would be advisable to start small, with 3-4 boats and work your way from there. Later on as your business grows bigger, you can choose whether to acquire second-hand canoes or to order from a manufacturer. You also need to take into consideration the materials out of which your canoes should be made, be it plastic, aluminum or fiberglass. The decision here should depend on the sturdiness of the boat so that you will be sure it would last long. It would also be advisable to give out paddles and a short lecture on how to properly use them as well as requiring the renters to use flotation devices for their own safety. A very important thing that should not be forgotten is the completion of the rental agreement and a waiver of liability in addition to the rental fee and the deposit. It is also a good idea to have liability insurance. You can ask help from a lawyer on how to go about this.

Lastly, what type of services can you offer? A lot of people already in the business suggest that you offer trips of different lengths, that way you can attract a broader market.

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