How to Start a Water Bottle Business

Starting a water bottle business is the same as saying that you want to start private water labeling.

This is a small company that has its own filtration system to create safe potable water.

This type of business requires a certain amount of knowledge not only in business management, for the overall running of the business, but also with regards to water filtration systems. It is best to have a firm grasp on the actual process in order to achieve the best quality water. The fact that this business deals with potable water, means that it is essential to ensure it’s safety, as the opposite of which could mean the demise of the business entirely. So start this business with this goal in mind.

Create a list of objectives you wish to achieve. You will need to have a clear vision of the type of services you wish to offer your potential clients. You may start small and slowly work your way up to more products and services so do not be afraid to take one step at a time. In any business strategy this step, however slow, is the most effective. Decide on where you plan on setting up your business. The area will have to be big enough to accommodate all your tools, equipment and machinery needed for water filtration and bottling. Be able to estimate on the machinery you will need. For this do your research online or within your locale. There are several places to buy used machinery online as businesses that shutdown are looking for a quick and easy way to sell their original merchandise. If you decide on purchasing used or pre owned equipment and tools just make sure you do your research on them to be able to know what the important parts are, and ensure that they are all in the correct working order. Be wary of what is sold to you, especially if these are over the internet. It is much safer though to actually see the product before making any purchase.

Once you have decided on what you need to stock your business with, you will need to make a budget estimate of expenses. Compare prices of the items to try and get the best deals. Come up with an overall estimate in order to picture what capital you may need for this kind of business. If you do not have enough monetary cash on hand then you may want to apply for a loan at a local firm or bank, just make sure that the loan is within your payable capacity and not exceeding it, as you would not want to wind up in debt so early into the business.

Take these lists to someone that can review them such as a lawyer or an accountant. At the same time consult with them regarding the needed legal documents you may require to get your business started. By this time you would have already decided on a workplace, and therefore should start settling on the area and taking some measurements and estimates. Once you have all the legalities straightened out you may now start stocking up your shop and preparing for business. In this kind of business it is important to consult with a professional when it comes to proper filtration. Consult with him regularly since every now and then the company will need to undergo inspection by local health authorities, and it is important that the company is accredited to ensure credibility to its customers.

After all the planning and setting up it is time to start making a few bottles with the filtration system. Test everything out and make sure that they are all in good working order. Start with a few stocks so you have some items ready to sell. Now you can start advertising your business. The most popular way nowadays is to publish a site online, just make sure that it initially reaches the locale you are in. Radio and tv announcements and posters and magazine ads are also a good way of reaching the community.


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