Finding a Closeout Merchandise

Closeout merchandise is of two categories, the customer returns and the shelf pulls. Customer returns are mainly items which are damaged, items with missing parts, and those items bought due to impulse purchasing.

Shelf pulls on the other hand are items that were pulled off the shelf because it is already in excess, out of style or because of the arrival of new models.

Nevertheless, these closeouts could be purchased wholesale and resold for a large profit.

Wholesale closeout merchandise can be easily bought direct from department stores. These stores either have specific departments that are assigned to handling shelf pulled and customer returned items or contracted people to handle their excess inventories. There are many customer returns especially on holidays. The holiday rush is tantamount to hundreds and even thousands of customer returns. Seasonal returns are due to rush buying during the holiday season cause the gift recipients to return the gifts they received to retail stores. Some of the returned items are restocked but most of it are sent to divisions responsible for the closeouts.

There are also wholesale closeout merchandises that could found over the internet. Most of it may be hoax but careful research could bring you into trusted websites that offer wholesale closeout merchandising. In that particular website, you should be able to view information about the retailer, their sales and also testimonials on the talk of trade. The internet could indeed give you an easy access to everything you need like contact numbers, details on the closeout merchandise, truck loading and also freight shipping!

This is a guide to finding wholesale closeout merchandise and what you should keep in mind when purchasing. First, you should decide on what category of closeout merchandise you are going to focus on. What are you really interested in? Remember that customer returns and shelf pulls are two different things. Second, you need to be familiar with what you are doing when buying truck loads of items. Third, you can actually spend very little on buying closeout merchandise like clothes, gadgets, furniture, etc. Even known stores wholesale closeouts at only a small portion of the original wholesale price! This is ideal especially when you are just starting your own business. Do not go for the traditional wholesale and forget dealing business with middlemen or brokers! Save the money you would be paying the broker for something more productive. Put it in your pocket.

Finding wholesale closeout merchandise is actually very easy. You can buy stocks from wholesale liquidators, middlemen, or directly from the original retailer. But be careful of taking chances and wasting your money on fraud. If you are on your way to starting your own retail store, you might as well skip the brokers. It should not take you years to find out the right sources. Obviously, purchasing wholesale closeouts directly from the original retailer who is cleaning out on unwanted stock is the best way! It even allows you to deal with the lowest possible cost!


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