Starting Satin Finish Business

Satin finish paint is becoming popular due to its unique characteristics. It is more durable than matte because of its gloss, and can hide discoloration better.

If you have experience in painting, particularly in using satin finish paint, a painting service specializing in satin finish is a business you can start.

Satin finish paint is a cross between dull matte and high gloss paints and as such contains the desirability of both types of paints. It is more glossy than matte but less shiny than high gloss ones. Because it is shinier than matte, it is more durable and can be subjected to strenuous cleaning when needed. Because it has gloss, it reflects light and can better hide blemishes and discoloration of walls. It is ideal for painting areas that are not exposed much to dirt and need not be cleaned often, like bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. If you have extensive experience painting with satin finish paint, a painting job (specializing in satin finish) is a business you can start.

As a specialized painting service business, it is best to focus on house re-painting jobs. New constructions will often include painting in the contract. Old houses, on the other hand, are free plays. You can get such jobs even if you are a small business. And being small could be an advantage. Large construction companies could pass on these jobs. And so, you can be the business people will call for when they need repainting on their houses, apartments or condos. And, don’t miss the fact that you can also become a subcontractor for some construction companies. You can do painting jobs for them.

Here are more helpful tidbits in starting a satin finish painting business:

  • In starting this business, you need to have equipment like ladders, spray painting rigs, brushes and drop cloths as well as a vehicle to get around bringing your equipment.
  • As to manpower, it is best if you have (at least) an assistant for a start. You can have a crew once you grow big. You can also work with a partner. Who this should be thought of thoroughly as the kind of partner you have could make or break a business.
  • Think about your job contract. You’d need this as a professional painter. You can find samples or draft one and have a lawyer review it or you can ask a lawyer to draw it up for you.
  • Establish a relationship with a paint company from which you can get paints on credit.
  • Market yourself through word-of-mouth, in classified ads, posters and fliers. One of the best marketing effort you can do is put up a yard sign every time you do a painting job.
  • Don’t forget to get insurance for you and your vehicle.



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