Starting a Floor Cleaning Business

Floor cleaning is a specialized cleaning service. It doesn’t have to be big at the start or be highly expensive. A capital outlay for cleaning equipment is not even immediately necessary.

You can even start this business as a two-person endeavour. Do you want to learn more about how to start a floor cleaning business?

A floor cleaning business is a specialized cleaning business. Some companies offer full service, which means they do not only clean floors but also windows, and restrooms. They also throw trash and dust the whole area. If you want to enter into floor cleaning, you must define your specific service. Some services, such as refinishing or removing deep seated dirt, should be out of your territory.

  • So, first define what is inclusive in your cleaning service. You can offer, cleaning and also waxing, and buffing floors.
  • Different floor materials (like tiles, ceramic, marble, carpet, cement, vinyl or wood) have different cleaning needs. Be sure that you have enough knowledge on how to do cleaning for various surfaces.
  • Also define your target customers. Will they be homeowners, businesses, schools, offices, hospitals, stores or churches? You can specialize further on cleaning flooded floors due to disasters like the breaking of pipes, and floods. Based your marketing on this decision. If you opt to do cleaning for businesses, you can do legwork and distribute fliers to offices. If your target is residences, you can distribute to people in the park or in the mall.
  • Your hours of operation will depend on whether you are cleaning for homes or offices. You will most likely clean during the day if you are cleaning for residences and at night for offices.
  • Obtain housekeeping and commercial cleaning trainings and get certified when possible. Attend trade shows and other activities where you can meet clients, get further credentials, and be updated on the latest cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals.
  • Be thoroughly informed about the cleaning agents you use. You can add value to your business by choosing only the best cleaning solutions to clients. And since many are now particular about the effects of chemicals to the environment, you can choose to use environmentally friendly substances. And be sure to inform your clients.

You don’t have to start big in this business. You also don’t have to spend immediately on cleaning equipment. You can even start this business with your spouse or just one other person. You don’t even need to have a storefront immediately. You can start this business even online. The most important thing is to get the word first about your services. You can start by telling family and friends and telling their friends about your business. You can acquire your chemical and equipment needs once you got your first client. Just be sure you have researched and already know where to get them. You would need chemical cleaners, mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, face masks, and cleaning cloths.f



  • Tashawn Calhoun said on January 9, 2013
    Well Done Cleaning Service Rocky Mount, NC 7yrs exp.
  • joao p correia said on March 9, 2013
    Hello i live in tampa fl. I am planing to open a small flooring store to be selling tile, and installation for start. I am a installer for over 15 years i find a place very good for open a store and for start , i will not pay rent or nothing. i need to know what docs i need to make my biz legal.


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