Starting Coin Operated Laundry Business

If you want to start a coin operated laundry business, you have to develop a comprehensive business plan. This is vital to guide you in finding an ideal location for the laundry business.

You also have to purchase several laundry machines and arrange the business place properly. Use the right advertising methods to promote the business.

Starting Coin Operated Laundry Business

Some people are having second thoughts in starting a new business it is time consuming and exhausting. If you want a clean and neat business, you can open a coin operated laundry business. Before, this type of business is boring, unsafe, and dingy but today things are different. These multiservice centers can serve as a fun and exciting way for customers to do their laundry. To ensure success, you have to create a business plan. This is necessary to guide you in the startup process and in applying for business loans just in case you don’t have enough capital.


A lot of people these days don’t have enough time in doing the laundry. You can enhance your services by offering related assistance like drop off service, dry cleaning, wash and fold, etc. With a coin operated laundry business, you don’t have to collect payments from customers. However, you may have to maintain coins in your store just in case your customers want to exchange it with their bills. When the laundry machine has many coins, you can now take them out. Prior to creating the business plan, you should already choose the services that you want to offer.
Location, Ads, and Other Concerns

Find an ideal location for the business. Since the laundry machines are bulky, you have to lease out a store space that is big enough to accommodate several laundry machines. The demand for this type of services is increasing since most couples these days are working. They hardly have time in washing the clothes of family members and so they rely greatly on laundry businesses. You can promote your business by giving away flyers, business cards, and posters. Try to post ads in local newspapers as well so that you can increase your business’ visibility.
To get a lot of customers, you have to check the current competition. Are there other laundry businesses in your area? If you have competitors, you should look into their strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize in your competitor’s weaknesses and offer it to customers. This is one way to attract customers and in making a statement that your business is better. This is something that you have to prove to customers if you want to make a lot of profits in the future. Purchase the laundry machines and arrange them in your store space. You also have to designate an area for entertaining customers and a waiting area. Remember that washing clothes can last for about an hour or more. Provide for entertainment as well.


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  • Avik Ghosh said on July 30, 2011
    If i start a laundry business in mandirtala, howrah, west bengal, India, then will it profitable?


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