Starting a Dry Cleaning Delivery Business

If you want to start a dry cleaning delivery business, you have to begin with a business plan. This will serve as your guide to success. Find a dry cleaner and negotiate for a wholesale price.

Advertise your business in your neighborhood and expand from there. With the right management strategies, you can succeed.

Starting a Dry Cleaning Delivery Business

You don’t have to start with a large scale business if you don’t have enough capital. There are now low cost and great business ideas that will also allow you to earn great profits. Today, a lot of people are busy and don’t have time to do regular errands like dry cleaning. If you know the method well and you’re confident that you can manage a small scale business, you can start a dry cleaning delivery business. Start with a business plan before going any further because this can serve as a guide to achieve your goals.

Since you will be offering a delivery service as well, you will be the one to pick up and deliver the items to be cleaned. It is also possible to start with a home-based business but if you can already afford to lease out a store space, you will be able to market your business well without disrupting the daily routine at home. Find a dry cleaner that is reliable and works well. Negotiate for wholesale prices to cut down the overheads. You can also charge for the delivery but this should already be included in your total price.

Promotions, Vehicle, and Staffing

Finding clients is really easy. Why don’t you check out your neighborhood first? You can also send out business cards and flyers to townhouses, single-family homes, and apartment complexes. If you can provide quality services, word of mouth advertising will work great for you. Since you will be traveling from one place to another, you will need a vehicle. You have to get one that is big enough to carry hangers, hanging bars, etc. Make sure that your vehicle is clean at all times and you need to be on time. When you pick up dirty clothes, you need to have laundry bags. Keep track of all pick ups using a reliable system as well as the deliveries.

Your store should have the needed utilities especially phone lines so that customers can easily contact you. Hire 2-3 employees and try to have uniforms. Don’t forget to purchase general liability insurance. With the right system in place, you can easily monitor the financials of the business. Promote your business intensively prior to the opening. Have a standard for your services and when other people know about your services, they will be the ones to call you. Start your own dry cleaning delivery business today and you can earn a lot of profits in the future. Manage it well to ensure success.


  • Abdullah Mehedi said on July 14, 2015
    I want to start dry cleaning laundry business in small scale. Pl advice how to start and about costing .
  • andy said on September 2, 2017
    i want to start Dry cleaning delivery business, i have question do i have to register my delivery vehicle with the county or need permit plz help me thanks


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