How to Start Heating Oil Business

If you want to start a heating oil business, you will need to work out a comprehensive business plan. This is your chance to earn big money since many people are now using heating oil for their homes.

Use the plan to generate enough capital and address the different aspects of the business one by one.

How to Start Heating Oil Business?

There is a great chance for you to earn considerable profits from the months of October to March if you start a heating oil business. Millions of homes are now using heating oil for fuel since it’s one of the best ways to conserve energy. With this kind of business, you should know the regulations and the expenses it involves. You will need a business plan, certification, permit, liability insurance, tanks, truck, oil fill equipment, and auto insurance, insurance for products liability, heating oil, and service contracts. You have to begin with the business plan because this business requires careful thought and a hefty capital.

Make sure that you know the industry well and the complexities it involves. There are factors that can affect the business like operating costs, fluctuating oil prices, weather, and competition. When temperatures drop or when there is an increase in demand for oil, the business will surely be affected. In your business plan, you should try to study how you can compete with other businesses. You also have to look into aspects like salaries of employees, their benefits, rent, equipment, utilities, insurance, and possible fees.

Certifications, Zoning, and Others

There are certain requirements that oil technicians should comply with. It’s up to you whether you will help the employee in obtaining the needed certificate or you can hire only those with existing certifications. They should be competent enough to repair and maintain oil furnaces. The course can be taken up at reputed and accredited centers in your local area. Make sure that you pick the ideal location that is near your target market. There might b zoning requirements that you should comply, so try to find out in advance. Determine the proper ways to store oil in containers and you can get more info from EPA. To prevent spills, all containers should be labeled property and policies should be observed.

You will need to buy a truck that can carry around 275 gallons. You also need to get an oil fill equipment, spill containment system, and level sensors. Find a reputed dealer of boiler supplies and furnace. Determine the services that you’ll be offering. You can offer contracts or you can also opt for COD. Now that you know how to start a heating oil business, you can now work on your business plan. With the right strategies and knowledge, you will be able to ensurfe success. Be sure to advertise the business in the local area through various methods like flyers, billboards, and many others.


  • MOhammed s ahmed said on September 28, 2010
    already in gas station business trying to be a heating oil dealer
  • Saroja said on July 25, 2011
    i want to know what r all the licenses required for rise husk oil Company in india,
  • shujaat ali said on March 10, 2015
    What kind of driver license do I need to drive this truck and there is any school for that


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