Starting a Linen Rental Company

If you want to start a linen rental company, you have to begin with a detailed business plan. After that, you can now secure the needed financing.

With around $10,000, you can now start a home-based linen rental. Create a user friendly and highly optimized website to reach potential clients.

Starting a Linen Rental Business

It is possible to work from home through a linen rental business. As you begin to earn more profits, you can now expand and start your own linen rental company. This is the ideal job for those who love table runners and organza fabrics. With this kind of business, you should also know how to deal with various kinds of individuals since you will be working closely with event designers. With a business plan in place, you can now secure the needed funding. Startup costs can be hard to secure but with a detailed plan, you will be able to get financing with ease.

You may need to spend around $10,000 for the startup and this will cover the inventory, business license or permits, and other expenditures. If you prefer to operate from home, you need to create a website for the business. You have to provide images of the linens together with backgrounds and centerpieces. The images should reveal different settings to convince clients to patronize your linens. Since customers have different budgets for the events, you need to disclose pricing information and this will surely be appreciated.

Finding Clients

Linens are usually used in weddings. To ensure that you get a steady flow of rentals, you can contact local wedding organizers or planners. You can send them brochures and offer discounts. If you are planning to offer table cloths and table runners, you need to outline the colors or flowers that suit your linens. Aside from weddings, you can also get rentals from corporate events. For this, you should contact corporate event planners. Find the large companies in your area and contact their event planners. You can pitch your services by simply organizing a luncheon meeting with these professionals. You have to keep in mind that these planners stick with less expensive linens and basic colors, so be sure to offer reasonably priced linens.

Competition can be strong in the linen rental. With a good reputation, you can attract clients with ease. You should be cooperative, friendly, and amenable. If you get criticisms, you have to take them positively and in a polite or honest manner. Start your own linen rental company today. Don’t forget to inquire about the licensing requirements in your state. Even if you are going to operate from home, you need to secure a business license. If there are zoning requirements, you should comply to avoid potential problems. Create a plan today and you will have a guide.


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