Dairy Farm for Lease

Knowing how to effectively lease a dairy farm can give you an edge in your business.

You could be able to get as much as 25% discount and this is really means a lot in a business capital.

The leasing of a dairy farm can be predictable and also relatively in long term so it must be a very good idea to know how dairy farm leasing are charged and calculated. This will help in determining if your dairy farm is still profiting or not. There is the fixed priced leasing and the variable rate leasing that is fixed to payout.

Fixed Price Leasing

Under the fixed price leasing, all the benefits of the increased payout will go to the tenant or lessee. This type of leasing has been the one that is mostly used for many years now. The landlord cannot get an increase in the rent until the date of the rent review. In addition to that, this prevents the land owner from getting an equitable return on the rising payout. For example, you have 100kg of milk solids, 110 hectares including the shares that value a$100,000, then a rent review that is done every 2 years and the lessee has to pay all the outgoings. Therefore, the net rent to the land owner is $100,000. This is fixed rent for the remaining 2 years of leasing and rent review under the normal lease agreements.

Variable Rate Leasing

The payout today is rapidly rising and with this, the fixed price leases are stuck in an unfortunate rental waiting patiently for the review. Farm leasing is considered to be an emerging tenure so the rental must reflect such a fair return to the land owner and also a realistic leasing cost to the tenant. For example, you will take the 25% of the gross dairy check as the rental so the 100,000kg of solid milks multiply by $5.60 is $560,000 multiple by 25% so you will get $140,000 for the rental. The 25% seems to be the realistic cost allowed by financiers and banks to capital. This is the amount of the income that you could possibly expect to go to the interest costs, debt servicing costs, and the lease costs. This could also vary depending on the percentage payout.

In general, moving your fixed price lease to the variable lease is a very good idea. The benefits that you can get are the same for both parties. Furthermore, this would encourage both the land owner and the tenant to work together and increase the production on the dairy farm. The land owner ensures payout from the source instead from the tenant so it is really excellent for the land owner.

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