How to Start a Leasing Business

Today, there are lots of people who do nonstop buying of furniture, car, house and lot.

This is the reason why leasing is one of the ways on how they can do this easy and fast.

In accordance with the released report of Consumer Reports, 27 percent of the car acquisitions in the year 2007 were represented by leasing. Since this is a very in-demand process nowadays, people are now venturing into this kind of business. If you would like to earn profits through leasing, then now is your chance to start up your own leasing business.

In this kind of business, the business plan should come first. The items you intend to lease must be specified here. To make sure that you will end up with lots of money in the bank, it is very important that you conduct an adept analysis with regard to the leasing options that are available and accessible in your area. For you to get loans in certain entities, you need to make sure that your business plan is well-drafted. You also need to include more information and details with regard to the staffing, financing and marketing as well.

Tips on How to Start a Leasing Business

Next, you must proceed in asking for funding. Before you take your business plan to your prospect entity which can provide you with funding, you must first review it if there are some errors. You also need to know if you will be able to qualify for the Small Business Administration.

The next thing you need to do is to have your business registered. You also need to pay a visit to a city hall in the locality for you to get your business license as your area’s leasing company. You also need to get an Employer Identification Number so you need to complete the form from Internal Revenue Service which you can obtain from their website. IN any form of business, taxation is very important. So, in order for you to know the taxation rules in your leasing business, you also need to register with your local department revenue. A property and liability insurance must also be purchased for the protection of your property from any forms of damage.

Next, you have to find a facility. In order for you to have assistance in this aspect, the websites Craiglist and Loopnet will be very helpful to you. Since you already have insurance for liability and property, your facilities will be protected from any kinds of damage.

Then, you have to establish the contracts. In this aspect, you need the assistance of a lawyer to draft leasing contracts. After this process, you can already begin hiring staffs. In order for you to make sure that your company will be very productive, you must screen the staff carefully.

Just like any other forms of business, you must also end up in promoting and advertising your business.


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