How to Start a Lemonade Business

Summer is one of the greatest seasons when you can earn lots of profit from lemonade.

Yes, what you just heard id right! Did you know that lemonade has a great demand during this season because people need something which can effectively quench their thirst?

Aside from the fact that this is delicious, this can also make you healthy because this is loaded with several nutrition and vitamins. The best way on how you can sell your lemonade is to have a lemonade stand and the rest will just follow.

This kind of business is not just designed for adults but for kiddos as well. Since this only requires simple and easy operation, your kids will surely enjoy selling lemonade juice to a certain location. This will prepare them to be good entrepreneurs in the future because they will be able to learn the basics of marketing, money-making and advertising. Since it is vacation time, they will have lots of time to enjoy while working with their friends.

Effective Tips on Starting a Lemonade Business

With just small capital, you can already have the chance to start in this kind of business. The stand is also cheap so everything will just be very easy to start.

The number one requirement to ensure the success in this kind of business is to be able to practice great customer service. Since customer service is an art and a form of virtue as well, your child will learn on how to communicate politely and professionally by practicing this every day. As a guardian, you must guide them on how to be amiable in talking with different kinds of people.

The creativity of your child will also be practiced in the lemonade business because it requires marketing and promotion for people to know what kind of business they have. Attracting the attention of people from all walks of life must be the primary consideration of everyone since this business centers on selling a product. You must also supervise the children on the stand signs which they have created because they must be bright and clear for everyone to see them easily. Another way to attract several customers is with the help of balloons. By tying them on the stands, people will get attracted to purchase lemonade.

Having add-on sales can also be very helpful in earning more profit. If there is a drink, why don’t you add foods such as chocolate chip cookies that are freshly baked. Since these type of cookies are so hard to resist, these can pave the way for the kids to earn more.

Location is also a major factor to generate more profit. You should locate the lemonade stand in a place where there is a high percentage of traffic so that people can easily see and buy some lemonade juice and other add-on sales.


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