Owning a Whole Child Learning Co Franchise

This article provides a brief description and information on what to expect in owning a Whole Child Learning Company, that’s why it is best to read and understand it first if you plan to enter such business.

It was in the year 1996 when the couple Matt and Lindsay Barron founded and opened Gigglebytes in their hometown in San Marcos, Texas.

The move was precipitated when the Barron’s noticed the deficiency in computer education programs catering to children. With Lindsay’s experience in teaching and Matt’s know-how in sales and marketing, they offered and sold their computer education program services to institutions such as preschools and day care centers. The following year, 1997, they decided to change and expand the curriculum of their education services. This time, they had included martial arts and physical movement classes in their curriculum. In the same year, they changed Gigglebytes into the Whole Child Learning Company. In 1999, they ventured into franchising. Since then, the company made a name in the franchising industry.

The Whole Child Learning Company offers a revolution in the aspect of education as well as franchise nowadays. Because of its versatility and multi-faceted programs, you are not just restricted to a sole computer educational enrichment program. Moreover, it features flexibility. The programs are given and taught on site in customer childcare centers, preschools, and other educational facilities. As such, this brings out one of its advantages: you do not have to spend extra for the lease or purchase of a physical location.

Owning a Whole Child Learning Company requires a total investment of around $32,600 to $38,800. This investment includes a franchise fee of approximately $29,500 with an ongoing royalty of 7% of all gross receipts paid to the Whole Child Learning Company. The franchise owner is required to have a cash liquidity of $14,500. The franchise term agreement is 10 years and expires after. However, renewal is always an option.

Why choose to own a Whole Child Learning Company over others? With the financial requirements listed above, it is evident that you do not need a fortune for this business’s start up. You will also do away with other expenses such as location lease or purchase because of its on-site training feature. Moreover, you will be assured of the beneficiality and practicality of the curriculum with the Educator Development Team’s continuous curriculum updates and development. Most importantly, you can run and manage this business from the comforts of your very own home.

When you become a Whole Child Learning Company franchise owner, you will receive the following as part and parcel of the franchise package:

  • Laptop computer and resource software which will be used in the operation of your franchised unith
  • Materials, supplies and equipment needed for the start-up
  • A comprehensive training at Whole Child Learning Company’s headquarters that lasts for 3 days and another 3-day on-site training at the franchisee’s location
  • Franchise operating system through a customary training as well as needed instructional manuals for the operation of the business
  • Benefits from advertising and marketing strategies to further promote and encourage clientele


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